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My insane MTB trip to Whistler

Last week I visited Whistler Canada for the second time in one summer, and that’s a big trip. There was a reason for this: Dirt Diaries. Dirt Diaries is a short film contest that has been going on for the last 7 years at Crankworx. Each film must be 6 minutes or less, include Whistler, […]

Visiting Cycling’s Largest Tool Company | Park Tool

Earlier this month I spent about a week in British Columbia producing a short film. On my way home, I stopped in Minnesota to visit my friends and colleagues at Park Tool Company. I use the word colleagues because Calvin, Truman, and Scott run Park Tool’s YouTube channel, making them fellow creators. While there, we […]

How to bunny hop a mountain bike for beginners

One of the most useful things you can learn how to do on a mountain bike is bunny hopping. Or, just “hopping” really. Hopping will get you up things, over logs… You can have a lot of fun in the street, and a lot of fun on your commute. The first thing you want to […]

How to ride skinny lines on a mountain bike

I’ve seen a lot of mountain bike videos popping up lately where people are riding along the edges of cliffs, narrow passages, and ridges. Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have much in the way of elevation changes, so this is the best I can do for you guys. Most mountain bikers call this a “skinny”. What makes […]

How to 180 a Mountain Bike

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for another “how to 180” tutorial. this is pretty much the least practical thing you can do on a mountain bike, but it looks cool and gets you major style points, so let’s get to it. First you want to get comfortable coming out of a fakie. Rolling […]

Behold! The Fat Ripper BMX

If you’ve been following this YouTube channel you’ve seen swing bikes, tall bikes, and even bikes that are hard to call bikes. Today we’ll look at what is easily the most belligerent bike I’ve ever seen—The SE Fat Ripper. With 26 by 3 and a half inch tires, it’s definitely fat bike, but clearly it’s […]

Towing a Trailer to Colorado to Ride MTB!

This video was supposed to be about mountain biking, but I only have a limited amount of footage concerning that topic. Over the last few days all I did was drive, and sleep in the back seat while my wife drove. The plan was to attend an expo in Utah called Outbike. Rather than fly […]

Mountain Biking at a Skatepark

This Saturday morning, the mountain bike trails were kinda flooded. But you should know by now that we don’t need trails to have fun on a mountain bike. So, off to Brian piccolo skatepark on my hardtail: derailleur, dropper post, and all. I was surprised at how easy it was to perform BMX techniques on […]

FINE! I’ll build a wall ride | Berm Creek’s Final Feature

Two years ago I began cutting mountain bike trails in my backyard. These very first clips chronicle the genesis of Berm Creek, which amounted to little more than a featureless trail. The actual area of Berm Creek is less than a quarter acre, which is more land than I ever thought I’d own in my […]

We’re actually making a MTB product that you suggest

Mountain bikes have come a long way. Around the time I was born they resembled beefed up road bikes with gnarly tires. Every year they got closer to what we’re familiar with today. Some advancements were born of necessity, while others of experimentation. Surely suspension forks were big news when they first came out. So […]