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What will Phil Build on Berm Creek? | Trail Boss for a Day

It’s been almost a month since Kevin and I dug these rollers into Berm Creek. We were in a race against time to build and ride something before it rained, and we lost that race thanks to me. In the past, all my one-day builds have been made from dimensional lumber, which doesn’t need to […]

10 Hacks and tips for mountain bikers

Adjusting the air pressure in your suspension fork is supposed to be an easy part of routine bike maintenance—but it isn’t always. Air caps have a way of being ridiculously stubborn. It’s tempting to break out the heavy artillery in these situations, but the solution is right under your nose. Your shock pump. This can […]

How to Overcome Fear & Ride Scary Lines

Most of you guys know Alexander, also known as the Singletrack Sampler on youtube. Not too long ago, Alex lost confidence on his mountain bike and became fearful of things well within his abilities. It all started with a crash in Grand Junction on a big sketchy rock roll. Alex chipped his front tooth and […]

So we have an airbag lander. Now what?!

last week Eric and I designed and built a large wooden lip in my backyard. It backs up to a row of bushes behind the garage to keep it stealth when it’s not in use. To make it operational we simply inflate a wedge-shaped bouncy castle on the other side of the bushes to use […]

Building a Hidden Backyard Bike Jump

Last week, we built a new trail here on Berm Peak. It was a short one, starting at the top of Woodpecker and ending at a row of shrubs behind the garage. The trail is named Airbag, which seems appropriate for a run with an emergency stop at the end, but we’re not quite finished […]

Building a fun bike jump out of wood

Last week, we built our first in trail feature, dubbed the Maim Frame. I purposely positioned it at the slowest point on the trail to keep things interesting, but that’s kind of what made it so hard to ride. It seems like everything I build is sketchy for the wrong reasons. So this morning, Kevin […]

Building the Backyard “Maim Frame”

As it stands, we have a great starting point for downhill trails on Berm Peak. We have a route to the summit, an official trailhead, and a big roll-in called the Flight Deck. We even have a map of the property, and a rough layout of what our future trail system could look like. Today, […]

Building Eric Porter’s MTB Garage Workshop

Eric Porter has been a pro mountain biker for the better part of 20 years. He’s always riding a fresh bike with fresh gear, and traveling to incredible destinations. He even has the dream backyard, nestled in a picturesque valley in Utah. But despite this dream that Eric is living, his garage is a wreck. […]

Tour of my Home Bike Shop after almost 2 years

in April of 2017 I converted my garage into a home bike shop, which means it’ll be two years old this Spring. Today, I’ll take you on a tour of the hack shack, give you a run down on what’s working, and what I might have done differently. Before we get into any of that […]

My insane MTB trip to Whistler

Last week I visited Whistler Canada for the second time in one summer, and that’s a big trip. There was a reason for this: Dirt Diaries. Dirt Diaries is a short film contest that has been going on for the last 7 years at Crankworx. Each film must be 6 minutes or less, include Whistler, […]