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Croatia & Slovenia Bike Tour Video | Backroads

(upbeat music) – [Blonde Female Cyclist] Slovenia and Croatia have been unbelievable. I had no idea how gorgeous both countries have been until now. We get to see Lake Bled and the turquoise blue waters, and cathedrals, descending into alpine villages. Now we’re along the shores of the Adriatic, which is just stunning. (upbeat music) […]

Nova Scotia Bike Tour Video | Backroads

(upbeat music) – [Female Voice] Nova Scotia is relaxation and peacefulness. – There weren’t very many cars, it was just orchards and green and ocean. – [Male Voice] You get amazing coastal riding through these kind of little fishing villages and you also get the interior farmland, and of course, riding along the Bay of […]

Bike Travellers Interviews: Joaquin & Jacqueline (USE SUBTITLES FOR ENGLISH)

Name? Joaquin Jacqueline Nationality? Argentinians where did you start your journey? we start out travelling in Belen in northern Brazil what has your itinerary been so far? we travelled the northern part of Brazil: the three states in the north the amazon part of Brasil then getting to Venezuela we crossed all Venezuela and we […]

NEUJAHRS MTB TOUR VLOG mit Raddiesl [ first ride 2019 ]

do we got enough beer? I think so looks ok?! cool put the bike to the firewood continue if the kindle was finer you’d probably smash it… look at this! burning weeee! I have made fire! and I think we missed the new year’s celebration happy new year! – we missed it oh no! now! […]

Dutch Cycle Trip (Pt.12)

Day 13 leaving the island there’s beavers on the island we’ve been speaking to the lady there who’s just setting out on her trip from Breda to last night the captains face shines white through the wheelhouse window bit mud splattered this morning I think I don’t know what they were doing around that place […]