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Bike Tyre Pressure Explained | Road Bike Maintenance

– How hard should your tyres really be and what is the right pressure? The first point, if we’re starting completely from scratch is to make sure that you pump up your tyres to within the minimum and the maximum recommended pressure that’s normally printed on the side of the tyre there. Now this one, […]

Installing Cruiser-Style Saddle on Bike | Bicycle Repair

So for installing your saddle and also taking off your saddle there is basically two different types of claps. This one is probably the most common now, this one is a little bit on the older style. And is may be a little bit different with two Allen bolts, hex bolts but they kind of […]

How to Adjust Gears & Derailleurs | Bicycle Repair

We’re going to talk about adjusting your front and rear derailleur. If your front and rear derailleur are not working properly, it could be a number of different things. Basically there’s a thing right here called the derailleur hanger. If your gears are kind of skipping all over the place, that could be bent. It’s […]

How to Maintain a Bike Chain | Bicycle Repair

All right. We’re going to talk about how to maintain your bicycle chain. This is really important. It makes your chain last a lot longer. It makes your whole drivetrain last a lot longer. That’s really important because it saves you a lot of money. Also, it saves you a lot of headaches if the […]

How to Install a Road Bike Saddle | Bicycle Repair

This saddle is very, very easy with the seat posts to get off. What you’re going to use is a six millimeter wrench. You undo the six millimeter wrench, usually anywhere between four millimeters and six millimeters. And then there’s two screws and it’s really easy. You just unscrew it to the point where the […]

How to change to TUBELESS TIRES on your bike

– Morning Trainiacs. We have a special project in mind today. The world is going to tubeless tires. That means taking the inner tube from inside of a tire, now you can’t do this with all tires but taking it out and sealing the rim so that you don’t even need the tube in there. […]

How to Replace a Back Bike Wheel | Bicycle Repair

The hardest part about taking off your wheels is the back wheel. That’s usually because there’s a gear there, or a couple gears. I’ll show you a quick and easy way to take off your back wheel and then put it back on. You can also flip your bike upside down and do this. I […]