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How To Install Bicycle Bottle Cages | Road Bike Basics

(screeching treble) – If you have recently purchased, or acquired a new bike, one of the first upgrades that you might consider making, is to fit a bottle cage, because then you’ll be able to ride that little bit further, in that little bit more comfort, because you won’t be dehydrated. In this video, we’re […]

Rouvy Explained | Indoor Cycling Training Software First Look

– Indoor training keeps getting better and better. It’s getting more immersive, more realistic, and more fun, and in this video, we’re going to show you an app called Rouvy which allows you to ride, race, or train virtually in real places, so in places like the Stelvio Pass, outdoors, and many more. Now before […]

Si’s Custom Canyon Aeroad Hill Climb Bike

(dramatic music) – This is my Canyon Aeroad CF SLX, and yes you have seen it before many times, but then that’s not a surprise cause it’s over three years old now and it has even been the star of its own video on two prior occasions. But it has changed quite significantly recently because […]

We Went to Taiwan to Make a Bike from the Future (and Actually Did) – The Grim Donut

(lively orchestral music) (Email message tone) – Oh look, those guys at (beep) have a new bike. – Let me guess. This one’s five millimeters longer and one degree slacker, Kaz? – Let’s see; actually, six millimeters longer. – It’s ridiculous. All these companies, they’re trying to cram evolutionary down our throat as revolutionary. Just […]

Making A Lamp Out Of A Mountain Bike Frame | MTB Upcycling

– For today’s video I thought I’d have a go at a bit of up-cycling. Now I’m quite into my bike art, there’s a lot of stuff behind me on the wall, there’s Jeff Wall prints, there’s an old disc drive clock up there. As you can see there’s just general stuff hanging around, there’s […]

MTB Seat Tube Angle Explained | How Does It Affect A Bikes Handling?

– Why is seat angle so important and how can changing the position of our saddles affect how our whole bike feels when we’re sat down pedalling? Well, I hope to be able to shed some light on that very question today. (whoosh) – There is a huge conversation going on in regards to our […]

Stephen Hyde’s Cannondale SuperX Cyclocross Pro Bike

– I got a very special bike with me here today. It’s Stephen Hyde’s National Champ Edition Cannondale Super X. Stephen rides for the Cannondale CycloCrossworld.com team and this bike, as all the bikes in their quiver, is absolutely mint. (logo thumping) (upbeat music) The bike paint job is immaculate, but it’s not just that. […]

The World’s Steepest Cycling Climb | The GCN Show Ep. 219

– From the Tissington Trail, welcome to the GCN show. – From the top of the Coll dels Reis, also known as Sa Calobra, welcome to the GCN show. – From the top of Mt. Cheaha in Oxford, Alabama, – [Both] Welcome to the GCN show. (whooshing) (yelling) (breathing) (wind blowing) (bird screeching) (cheering) (yelling) […]

Retro GT Mountain Bike Restoration and Ride

Hello and Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration This is a GT Tempest, back from 1990 if you are into your Retro bicycles and you are not a Subscriber the click on Subscribe it is completely free of charge What I generally do is talk a little bit about the History of the company […]

New Fizik Mountain Bike Shoes | GMBN Tech Unboxing

– Today we’re going to be unboxing some fine, topline Italian footwear from Fizik. It’s a new off-road range for the company and be sure to watch until the end to find out how you can win a set of your very own. (upbeat music) We have three different models with us here and they […]