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New Aero & Lightweight Tech For 2018 | GCN At Eurobike

– More aerodynamic and lighter in weight. That is what we all want as cyclists, isn’t it? Loads of that sort of stuff on display here at EUROBIKE, so let’s go and rove and take a look. (upbeat electronic music) T RED are a company you might have seen on GCN before if you watched […]

What’s in Seth’s MTB parts bin?

We all have a box, bin, or pile of stuff left over from old bikes. Gotta save these long ass stems, I might need one of them someday! There are other things we need to restock, like tape, oil, zip ties, and stuff like that. Today we’ll take a look at my parts bin, my […]

Review: Stromer ST5 – The New Swiss Super Ebike

Hi. I’m Brett from the New Wheel Electric Bike shop in San Francisco and Marin. And today, I’m in Switzerland. I’m at the Stromer Campus in Oberwangen, and I’m here on the production line of the brand new Stromer ST5. I’ve come, here, to Switzerland to test ride the new ST5, take it around the […]

How To Buy A Mountain Bike | Choosing The Right Bike

– Buying a new bike is a really exciting time, but it’s important that you don’t get carried away and you still buy the right bike for you. – Yeah, from the outside, the process can look almost kind of intimidating, it can be quite, seem quite complicated. There’s also applications and sizing to think […]