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China’s Bike-Sharing Disaster

On this episode of China Uncensored, forget the stock market bubble, this is China’s incredible bike-share bubble. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored. I’m your host, Chris Chappell. The good old bicycle. That trusty two-wheeled iron steed. So whether you’re out for some fresh air and exercise taking your kid to school or grabbing some fast […]

War Eagle Bike Share

We love the Bike Share Program It’s an awesome program We like to share bikes! The Bike Share is new to Auburn and it is here, you have to download the Social Bicycles App And then you will get to check out these lovely bikes and take them for a ride around campus. Entering my […]

Bay Area Bike Share Program

Hi! I’m Brandy, and I’m at the Diridon Transit Center in downtown San Jose to tell you about something that’s gonna put the fun back in your commute: Bay Area Bike Share [Music] Remember how you felt when you get that first bicycle as a kid? Well, that’s how we’re feeling at VTA as we […]

Citi Bike “Smart” Helmet Navigates to the Nearest Station

Citi bikes are taking over New York City, giving thousands of residents and tourists a new easy way to get around. Every rider needs a helmet, so we’re going to show you how to build this project that navigates to you nearest Citi Bike station with high visibility for the twenty thousand trips these bikes […]

The Spin – Episode 3: HipCityVeg founder Nicole Marquis

What’s up, everyone? I’m Dan Whitzer from the Innovation Team at Independence Blue Cross and this is The Spin. The Spin is a series where I ride bikes and talk to some of the most innovative people in Philadelphia. Today’s guest is Nicole Marquis from HipCityVeg. HipCityVeg is one of the coolest spots in Philadelphia […]

The Spin – Episode 1: Kiera Smalls of Philly Startup Leaders

Hey everyone, I’m Dan Whitzer, part of the innovation team at Independence Blue Cross, and this is The Spin. The Spin is a series where I ride bikes, and talk to some of the most innovative people in Philadelphia. Today’s guest is Kiera Smalls from Philly Startup Leaders and City Fit Girls. Kiera’s one of […]

Uber for Bikes Could Save Your Commute

– It’s a cool bike, right? Let’s steal it. (upbeat music) So even though this isn’t my bike, I can legally and easily take it or any of the other 249 just like it roaming around San Francisco. It’s part of a system called Uber Bike, and it’s Uber for bikes. Bike-sharing used to be […]

Republic Bike | Bikes for Sharing | SHAREDBIKE LOCK+DOCK

Want to build your own bike share? We can help. with Republic Bike’s LOCK and DOCK bike sharing solution. It’s bike sharing — built by us and you. An elegant, affordable and complete solution to launch an automated bike share — perfect for fleets hotels corporate campuses universities residential properties rental businesses and anyone who […]

Weird & Wonderful New Bike Tech | Taipei Cycle Show 2018

– It’s wacky, it’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s outrageous, it’s a whole lot of fun, but there aren’t any prizes to be won, ’cause this isn’t fun house, it’s the Taipei Bike Show and I’m on the hunt for the most weird and wonderful tech. So, let’s go find it. (playful flute music) It’s important […]

Cycling adventures: step-through city bike

Hi, I’m Daniel Oakman, senior curator at the National Museum of Australia and welcome to my cycling adventures. I’m heading to Melbourne where I’ll be spending the afternoon riding the public bike share network. Like hundreds of cities around the world, Melbourne has introduced a bike share system which allows people to rent bikes in […]