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Dream Road Bike Build – Custom Raleigh Revenio 4 Team Banana

Hello and Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration Or in this case its more of a pimp my ride bike build. We are breaking all the rules with this Bike. Why? Because on this channel we are generally about Vintage Retro Road Bikes But we are going to be giving this Carbon Raleigh Bike […]

BIKE RIDE: Neige, nuages & Chasseral – with english subtitles!

Normally, here, we see the lake Goal today: climb above I hope we will see a lake of fog Situation check: 200 meters climb, still the same weather 300 meters, it gets a little better That is a good reward Oui Next question: can we go on top of the Chasseral or maybe there’s too […]

Rawisode 12: Street riding in Vienna

(Guy): Hey! (Fabio): Hey! (Guy): Your videos are really great! (Fabio): Thanks (Fabio): Thanks! I just lost my balance Slippery, but first try! My tires are finally wet now. I jumped down there in my Vienna Video (Urban Freeride Lives in Vienna) (Man): Nice, digga! (Fabio): Thanks! Yes, it´s green! Ok, let me know in […]

The Victory Ride: May 16, 2020

We’re excited to get you out there on the road. But first wanted just add my thanks because the money that you are raising will lead us to what this ride is all about which is victory at curing cancer. (music) Drive the victory over cancer. (cheers) (music)


Hi everybody ! I hope you are well ! Today we will ride an hour together! We are on my personal ground, we will try to modulate all these obstacles to have cool lines, and do some new combos ! Let’s go ! That’s it for this little hour session! I am very happy with […]

Mon NOUVEAU VTT STREET TRIAL ! (Déballage & Montage)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re fine! Today no riding session, today we will do some mechanics together, and today I’m going to build up with you … my brand new Inspired Fourplay! This time it’s the red model, replacing the green model, I chose this color because it fit with the Urban Trial Show structure, […]


Hi everybody ! I hope you are well ! Today I’m super fine ! I received this little package ! It’s my new bike! We will make a small unboxing of the cardboard We will built this bike together! Let’s go ! The color is just crazy ! Soo the bike is ready to ride […]


Hey it’s Jimmy! Today we are together for a new video. And today we will see a rather special video, we will redo a presentation, a presentation of the Inspired Flow 20″. Many of you appreciate the presentation of the Flow 24. Today we will see the model for kids or for people up to […]