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First impressions of the Wisper 905 Torque electric bike

Having recently purchased my first ever electric bike, a Wisper 905 Torque I thought it was time to do a short clip and share my first impressions of this ebike, so let’s get started…….. First off the appearance and looks something that is often at the top of everyone’s list. This ebike isn’t the best […]

Welcome to the 2020 Pinkbike Field Test | 14 New Mountain Bikes Ridden & Rated

We’re here in Pemberton BC for the 2020 Pinkbike Field Test We’ve got a ton of new mountain bikes and we’re gonna put them through their paces We’ve got a selection of downcountry bikes, trail bikes, and enduro bikes and yes our pseudo-scientific huck to flat test is included. Mountain bike categories are really complicated […]

The New Breed Of E Bikes: In The Workshop And On The Trail

E-Mountain bikes are changing and you don’t have to look too far back to these designs are pretty clunky With motors of batteries literally chucked onto a normal mountain bike but now we’re seeing ground up designs that much more integrated the driving Force literally behind that a smaller more compact motor systems like this […]

First look: 2017 Cannondale Quick 5 Bike Video Review

hey folks!! This is peter from Bikes and life. Now we’re here with a very cool Cannondale quick 5 from 2017. Now the quick 5 is designed to be a fitness bike that you can kind of ride wherever you may want to go get a little exercise, see the world in a different way […]


Hi, I’m Sam from Cycle Surgery and we’re here in Central London at our Bishops Square store. We here to talk to you about the Cannondale CAADX range. So the CAADX range started life as a cyclocross bike, but with developments, it’s become the perfect all-round bike for anything you want to throw it. Whether […]

Focus 2019 Mountain Bike Highlights – Flow Mountain Bike

Nothing to see here! Well another week passes in another batch of 2019 bikes to show you and this week we’re in Adelaide taking a gander at the latest from Focus. So let’s get to it! Now we’ll start with the e-mountain bikes – shall we? Because in their own words Focus are looking to […]


Hi, I’m Steve from Cycle Surgery and today we’re down here at the Bishops Square store in Central London. I’m here to talk to you about the new Specialized Tarmac disc. This one in particular, is the SL6 Sport. So for this year, Specialized redesigned the frame, it’s got an all new carbon layup, which […]