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Building and Riding the Backyard Whale Tail

Today, we’re visiting dirt merchant—no, not that Dirt Merchant. The Dirt Merchant. Like, a dude with dirt…inventory. This particular dirt is free because the merchant’s trying to get rid of it. You get something different in every scoop, mainly clay, sand, lots of shale, and the occasional glove or pipe fitting. And we’re gonna need […]

Mountain Bike Gear Station with Integrated Charging for Bike Lights

Here on Berm Peak, the garage is the heart of everything but what you don’t see as much in these videos is that this garage is an office as much as it is a shop. Which is why we place such an emphasis on keeping it organized. When every tool, bicycle, and piece of gear […]

Building a “pecker log” jump and a new berm!

Well, it should at least cut dirt. And that’s what we need it for because today our work Rhodorooter continues. Last week, we built a wooden berm after the kevin jump and despite my doubts, you can freaking torch this thing, so much so that the following turn needs a berm too. Now this new […]

Building & Riding a FAST wooden berm

The Kevin jump is lookin pretty rough. It’s been raining, snowing, freezing, thawing, and just being winter. But all things considered, we have it pretty good here, and on a nice day like today I can get these features running again in not too much time. But the wooden lip we built requires zero time […]

Rebuilding my garage workshop for woodworking and tinkering

It’s time for one last effort. One final attempt to nail this 540 before we tear these freaking ramps out of the garage. You can call me a quitter, this is not how I’m going down. There are just too many way to get hurt on Berm Peak to spend another moment on this. So […]

Turning a dead oak tree into a mountain bike jump with a cheap mill

Way back in the summer we cleared this dead tree to build woodpecker trail. Who knows how long the actual tree was laying there, but the timber we cut from it certainly was solid, and strangely full of perfectly usable wood. Well as it turns out, Berm Peak is a goldmine of white oak, which […]

Building a mountain bike jump over my driveway

Last week, we took this muddy, rutted forest road and turned it into a durable gravel road that is now Berm Peak’s grand entrance. But of course, it’s not just a gravel road. We built a few rock bump jumps into the side that end at a small landing. Because the rock jumps can be […]