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Saris Gran Fondo bike carrier – Assembly – rear mounted bicycle rack

assembly of the GranFondo requires the included four millimeter allen wrench and a ten millimeter or adjustable wrench Begin by connecting the large wheel holder with the medium wheel holder so that the large centre hole is open slide assembled wheel holder and upper crossbar insert long bolt turn rack over rotate wheel holders to […]

BUZZ RACK Spark 3 bike carrier – How to fit

The Buzz Easytilt is supplied almost fully assembled. You can sit the carrier on its carton to avoid scratching whilst fitting the upright. Release the tilt retaining catches and pull the tilt bar towards you. Set the carrier to its full tilt Remove both 45mm bolts and 19mm washers from both upright feet and loosen […]

✅ TOP 5: Best Bike Rack 2020

Unless you live in Moab, Utah, you’ll likely need to drive somewhere for a breathtaking cycling experience. And, even if you do live in a picturesque land, it’s nice to have a little change of scenery once in a while. This is where a bike rack for your car comes in handy. Before we get […]

How to use the Grey Street two-tiered bike rack

Have you seen the bike rack in Grey Street? It’s got two levels. Don’t be afraid to use the upper level — it’s really easy to use! Pull the red handle straight out as far as it will go and push down firmly. Just check behind you to make sure there’s no-one walking past. Line […]

How To Transport Your E Bike | Getting To The Trails With An EMTB

[Steve]People transport their motorbikes by various means, either by car, by van, by rack, by pick-up however, with an e-mounted bike and that added weight can be a little bit more tricky. So, today then we’re going to have a lot at the various ways of transporting your e-bike from A to B. Now, e-bikes […]

The New 2018 Trek 1120 Bike!

Hey everyone this is Cindy with Razor-Sharp Productions and just going to show you quick video of our new bikes. This is the Trek 1120 and then back there is the Trek Power Fly 5, so stay tuned and I’m going to have Lance from Bearded Monkey (Cycling) do an intro and a quick info […]

Buzz Rack Review – Buzzy Bee H4 Bike Rack Review – Snax City

Welcome to snack city product reviews. Toda, we’re going to be taking a look at the buzz rack h4. We’re going to go through a quick unboxing, Assembly, review and then give you our take on whether it’s a good or bad buy. so there’s the box it Came in see pretty pretty sizable up […]

How To Make A D.I.Y. Bike Rack – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

If your bikes are like these laying around on top of each other getting damaged, scratched, what you need is a storage solution, and I’ve got just the thing for you. I’m gonna show you how to make a bike rack. Super simple and really handy. You can make your bike rack any size you […]

How to install racks and fenders to the Avant M10D

Hola, soy Frank Webber de Orbea y estoy aquí con una Avant M10D. Voy a enseñaros a colocar alforjas y guardabarros en cualquier modelo de bicicleta Avant. Para hacerlo solamente utilizaremos unas cuantas herramientas. Necesitaremos tres llaves Allen: una de 2,5 milímetros, otra de 4 milímetros y otra de 6 milímetros, así como un destornillador […]