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Vintage Road Bike Restoration Vitus 979 Sean Kelly Special

Well, Welcome to another bike and another restoration although this is not much of a bike at the moment no group set However it is a beautiful frame the is a Vitus 979 Who are Vitus? Well let me tell you! Vitus is a Cycle Company based in France they started in the 1970’s as […]

Tech Extra: New Road Bike Tech At The 2017 Taipei Cycle Show

– The Taipei Cycle Show is one of the biggest events in the bike industry calendar. Everyone is here in some form or another and in fact, there’s as many meetings behind closed doors as there are in the exhibition hall. So what does that mean for us? Well, firstly, this is a great place […]

We Tried To Hydro Dip Bike Parts

– Today we’re going to look at a sensation, or a phenomenon sweeping the internet right now with DIY enthusiasts. It’s called hydro-dipping. Now hydro-dipping is a process of applying a water transfer onto the most boring, the most uninspiring products ever. Think about this fork for instance. Today we’re going to turn this into […]

10 MTB Product Reviews – Tailgate covers to torque wrenches

Last time, we took a look at 10 outdoor and mountain bike products, and you guys wanted to see more. So today, we’ll look at another ten—for better or worse. Let’s get started. First, the Osprey Talon lumbar pack. It’s a fanny pack for mountain biking. The main advantage to these packs is that they […]

Chinese Carbon fiber mountain bike handlebar from eBay unboxing review

I already know what this is. really light i’m gonna assume this is my carbon fiber handlebar Pretty excited since oh i just ordered this three or four days, ago and it’s already here the Reason why i ordered this specific handlebar instead of all the other chinese carbon ones Is mainly because it was […]

How To: Name the Parts of the Bike

So you don’t know the parts of your bike? Don’t worry. Today, we’re going to go through each of the parts of your bike, so you can talk about it with confidence. Even if your bike looks different from this one, the names of the components are the same. Let’s start with what’s called the […]

The Best Money Saving Hacks For MTB Maintenance: Part 2

– Back again with a whole number of hacks and bodges that are pretty cheap to do and a whole number of top tips that are gonna save you money. (mellow music) Goggles and mountain biking, go together like tea and biscuits. But what happens when your lenses get scratched? You throw ’em in the […]

What’s in Seth’s MTB parts bin?

We all have a box, bin, or pile of stuff left over from old bikes. Gotta save these long ass stems, I might need one of them someday! There are other things we need to restock, like tape, oil, zip ties, and stuff like that. Today we’ll take a look at my parts bin, my […]