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Making A Lamp Out Of A Mountain Bike Frame | MTB Upcycling

– For today’s video I thought I’d have a go at a bit of up-cycling. Now I’m quite into my bike art, there’s a lot of stuff behind me on the wall, there’s Jeff Wall prints, there’s an old disc drive clock up there. As you can see there’s just general stuff hanging around, there’s […]

BEST BIKE LIGHT OF 2019?! Outbound Review & Discussion

oh boy I should’ve downshifted. So here we are…. out in the woods…. We’ll go for a quick little run. This is just the trail light only… Should have fully charged the battery…. down to just a little bit here…. but you can see it I mean you just have to look around the corner […]

New Rocky Mountain Instinct E-Bike | EMBN Show Ep. 51

– Hello and welcome to this week’s EMBN Show, and on today’s show, we’ll be looking at the all-new Rocky Mountain Instinct, together with some more off-grid charging. – We’re taking a look at night riding and asking a big question when it comes to lights: one light or two? All this coming up in […]

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Lights

Mountain biking at night adds a new dimension to familiar trails and it’s a great way to extend your riding season. Before choosing a light for mountain biking it’s important to consider the types of trails you’ll be riding at night and the speeds you expect to carry. For example if the trails you’ll be […]

10 Best Value Cycling Accessories

– Not everything in cycling has to cost an arm and a leg. I mean, you can’t upgrade your bike and your kit without breaking the bank. So, in this video, I am gonna go through some of the least costly items that you can buy that give a good bang for your buck. (upbeat […]