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10 Stunning Bicycle Concepts Made by Top Car Makers

What’s up YouTube, have you ever wanted to buy a bike made by a high-end car company, of course not Number 10 Mercedes-Benz smart e-bike do you think you’re smart? Well, you should try out the smart e-bike this bike uses an aluminum alloy frame, Gurgaon pc2 petals, and mogera mt. 4 hydraulic disc brakes. […]

how to make electric bike at low cost – full

maximum speed 25 km/h 30 to 32 km / charge Basic needs to make 24 v 250 w brushed DC motor Thorttle controller Dual freewheel Dual free wheel is not available in my country.I will make it,Keep watching Battery 12v 14 1amp x2 charger And a bicycle Let’s start It is rear wheel hub of […]

5 Bike Gadgets You Must Have #7 ✔

Motion france has invented a new concept for Mountain bike front suspension that provides a solution to many of the downsides of the standard suspension forks when breaking with a standard telescopic fork the fork is automatically compressed and up to 80% of the shock absorbent capacity can be lost The motion France Fork has […]