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Gonzalez and Gonzalez teach bike safety

It’s very strong Very, very strong. Very, very very Hello, call me Gonzalez. My name is Gonzalez as well. No! No! No! Maybe if you have a… Oh no! What happened? There is something not good. What? Oh no! Accident! Hospital! Wooo wooo! Oh no! Accident! Hospital! Wooo wooo! Hurts, it hurts me. Ah doctor, […]

An Airbag Bike Helmet Could Save Your Life | HowStuffWorks NOW

A group of researchers at Stanford have put bike helmet air bags to the test. How do they hold up? First, in case you aren’t aware, there are bike helmet air bags. Typically, they’re packed inside a pouch that you wear around your neck. The pouch has sensors on it to detect changes in orientation […]

Meet ANGi

NARRATOR 1: This is ANGi. Yep, right there. It’s that doohickey on the helmet. And this is the Specialized ride premium app. Connect ANGi to the app and your Specialized helmet becomes a live tracker, a crash detector, and a safety beacon. In a word, damn. And this is you, or maybe this is you. […]

Bell Super DH helmet – THE RIDE’s first look!

– Hi, It’s M from THE RIDE. It’s time to take a look at the new Bell Super DH helmet. (funky guitar playing) Hey, thanks for watching and welcome to the garage. Yes, Bell have done it. They’ve developed a fully down-hill certified convertible helmet. That meets the ASTM 1952 DH safety standard. Now, to […]

Should you wear a bike helmet?

Should cyclists be forced to wear helmets? It’s a subject guaranteed to start an argument. Driver: Have you got a helmet on? No! Cyclist: I don’t have to wear a helmet! Everyone has an opinion. The problem is, they’re normally not based on evidence. Let’s start with something straightforward. I don’t have a problem with […]