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5 Hacks For Perfect Shifting On Your Road Bike

– Coming up, we’ve got five hacks to make setting up your gears easier, and also cure your shifting headaches. First up, correctly setting the limit screws on your derailleurs is a really important job. Potentially saving you from some very expensive mechanical disasters, particularly here on the rear derailleur, and our pro hack is […]

How to Adjust Gears & Derailleurs | Bicycle Repair

We’re going to talk about adjusting your front and rear derailleur. If your front and rear derailleur are not working properly, it could be a number of different things. Basically there’s a thing right here called the derailleur hanger. If your gears are kind of skipping all over the place, that could be bent. It’s […]

The Best Money Saving Hacks For MTB Maintenance: Part 2

– Back again with a whole number of hacks and bodges that are pretty cheap to do and a whole number of top tips that are gonna save you money. (mellow music) Goggles and mountain biking, go together like tea and biscuits. But what happens when your lenses get scratched? You throw ’em in the […]

How to Adjust a Bike B-Screw | Bicycle Repair

Shift it all the way down to the highest gear. Now it’s in cross gears right now. You don’t want to ride in cross gears at all. Basically that means the chain is flexed from one side to the complete other side. So we’ll shift up into the highest gear to see if our cable […]

How To Change Gear On Your Bike | Road Bike Shifting Made Easy

– Gears on a bike can seem really complicated. I mean, in a car you’ve probably only got six to worry about or, you might drive an automatic, in which case you don’t need to worry at all. But on a bike, you might have 18, 20, 22, maybe even 33 gears. So what are […]

Electronic Vs Mechanical MTB Shifting

– Right now our partner Shimano is the only brand that has an electronic mounted bike transmission available to buy. And by trickling down that technology from the top level X tier to XT makes it more affordable and a better prospect for many riders. But how does it compare to the good old mechanical […]