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Front View – Bike Fitting your Body! Good Knee Alignment!

Hi, here we are at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy with Doug Talier who’s doing the Granfondo in Penticton this weekend and we’re just looking at how he’s moving on the bike to help make it more efficient. So we talked to Doug a little bit about positioning his pelvis and his sinking his hips on […]

What Does Your Alignment Look Like On The Bike?

So one of the things we wanted to take a look at on the bike is the alignment through the front of the chain. So we want to see a straight line, Angela is doing pretty well, straight line through the foot, knee and hip through here, so you don’t see your knee turning in […]

Are Disc Brakes Here To Stay? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 29

(electronic noises) – Welcome to the GCN tech show. – This week, we’ve got world record attempts. Tour de France tech, bling tech, and a bike that was possibly ridden by the Peaky Blinders. – And Ollie gets to step into the bike vault. How lucky is he? Lucky. (upbeat music) Right then, what is […]

How To Set Up Cleats For Clipless Pedals

– [Dan] This is a video we’ve had a lot of request for. How to set up your cleat, for a clipless pedal. In this instance we’re going to show you using a Dura-Ace cleat, and a Dura-Ace pedal. So we’re back with Oli Beckingsale, an expert bike fitter, who’s gonna explain exactly how to […]

Mat Steinmetz’s 4 Pillars of TRIATHLON BIKE FITTING

– Good early afternoon, Trainiacs. Just got back from Boulder yesterday, and today was an intense bike. I did four minute sections six times building up to a max effort. That got nasty at the end. Whoa. So if you followed while I was in Boulder at all, you will know that Mat Steinmetz is […]

Choosing A Women’s Bike Saddle | Which Bike Saddle For Triathlon?

– Bigger isn’t necessarily better and that certainly is true for choosing the right bike saddle. It is easy to think that the wider, the softer the saddle, the more comfortable it will be, but actually there’s far more to choosing the right saddle for you and I know that it does come down to […]

GCN Tech Asks The Pros | How Do You Choose Your Stem Length?

– Now for many years, most professional cyclists, regardless of their size, would actually put at least a 120 millimetre stem on their bike. Reason being, normally they thought it was faster or more aerodynamic, but what I want to know is, is this still the case, or have pros changed? Let’s go and find […]

The Cheapest Aero Upgrade For Cycling? | GCN Tech Wind Tunnel Tested

– In this video, we’re going to test the different upgrades you can make to your bikes or equipment to see which of them actually makes you the fastest. – That’s right. We’re going to see which is the biggest bang for your buck. We’re going to test aero helmets, deep-section wheels, tri bars, and […]

Should You Get Aero When You Have A Tailwind? | Ask GCN Anything Cycling

– Welcome along to Ask GCN Anything, #torqueback on various forms of social media. If you would like to ask a question that could potentially get answered in one of these episodes. The first question this week comes in from Groove Worshipper. He asks, or she, “How can I train for hills “if there are […]