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10 Jahre Schindelhauer Bikes – Künstler Edition

My first idea was to put a big angle grinder to it, to take it apart asseble it the other way around, to make it a completely crazy piece of art In the end, a bike in itself is such a beautiful thing it makes it a bigger joy to just add something unobtrusive to […]

The GMBN Podcast Ep.14 | The Future Of Mountain Bikes With Chris Porter

– Welcome to the GMBN podcast. Now, this episode we have a mental exercise on the cards. The year is 2030, Kanye West is living in the west wing of the White House. Boris Johnson’s hair is still in power after a grommet-esque wrong trousers upriding and Mel Giedroyc has taken her spot as monarch […]

Roll Your Own: Designer Roll Series

ERIC JEPSON: Hi, I’m Eric Jepson. I’m the graphics manager here at Specialized for components. BRANDON BOSWELL: Brandon Boswell. I’m a designer. JOHN TAKAO: John Takao. I’m a footwear designer. DYLAN BUFFINGTON: Dylan Buffington. I’m an industrial designer. JIMMY BROWNING: Jimmy Browning. I am the lead graphic designer for fitness category. KAYLA CLAROT: Kayla Clarot. […]