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Garmin EDGE 1030 Firmware 8.00: ClimbPro & LOTS of New Features!

Today I’m looking at firmware 8.0 which has just been released this week for the Garmin Edge 1030. The most significant update and feature set Edition added to this unit since release earlier in 2019 with the release of the 830 and the 530 Garmin promised that the 1030 which is two years old now […]

Garmin Edge 530, Performance GPS Cycling/Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 530 Review. The Edge 530 is quite possibly the best Garmin cycle computer ever produced. Itís also hard to find any of its competitors able to match it in terms of a price to feature ratio. Garmin has continued the use of the quarter-turn mount on the Edge 530 and with good reason; […]

Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps Cycling/Bike Computer for Competing and Navigation

Garmin Edge 520 Plus, Gps Cycling and Bike Computer Review. The Garmin Edge 520 Plus does everything a good cycling computer should but ads some of the features previously kept for the higher-end computers. It has a nice 35 into 47 mm colour display, is easily navigated using seven buttons and features a rich set […]

5 Signs You Might Need A Digital Detox From Cycling | GCN Show Ep.369

– It’s Frosty and Gary from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show. (upbeat music) – Coming up this week: do you need a digital cycling detox? We tell you how to find out, and also what to do about it. – We’ve also got all the best cycling […]

New Wahoo Elemnt ROAM Bike Computer | GCN Tech Unboxing

(static electronic noises) – Welcome to another awesome GCN Tech Unboxing. This week we have a really exciting piece of tech to show you. And as ever, with the GCN Tech Unboxing, there is a chance to win. But not one, not two, but thr … Where’s the third? I promise you three lucky viewers […]

The Best Training For Weight Loss? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome to this week’s Ask GCN Anything. – Coming up this week, we talk electric cars. – Yes, and VO2 max. – And, how to become a pro. – If you’d like to get in on next week’s show, then use the hashtag #Torqueback, and what was the other one Chris? – #AskGCNtraining to […]

Is This The New Carbon Fibre? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 38

(cinematic music) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. These week we look at a new metal, we look at the latest crowdfunding projects, we look at your bikes, your upgrades, and then also, let’s not forget, last week, Ollie and I well and truly poked the hornet’s nest and we looked at your comments […]

Hammerhead Karoo GPS Bike Computer Detailed & Demoed

(whoosh) – This is the Hammerhead Karoo. If you’re after a bike computer for navigation and routing, routing in you’re American, then this unit aims to be the best tool for the job. There’s a lot of tech and hardware crammed into this Android-based computer though, meaning it has the potential to offer far more […]