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The Best Road Bike for Me

There’s so many different ways you can ride a road bike and see the world. You can ride for fitness. You can ride for competition. You can ride for adventure, and you can ride for social reasons to be with your friends. You can ride to explore new places. There’s really nothing you can’t do […]

How To: Name the Parts of the Bike

So you don’t know the parts of your bike? Don’t worry. Today, we’re going to go through each of the parts of your bike, so you can talk about it with confidence. Even if your bike looks different from this one, the names of the components are the same. Let’s start with what’s called the […]

Top 10 Ways To Take Your Mountain Bike To The Next Level

– [Neil] So here’s our Top 10 ways of really taking your bike to the next level so it’s as cool as a pro bike. Sort out your cables. Cables should be just long enough to give you free movement of the handlebars, but no longer. So I’ve got loads of long cables up front […]

Build Your Own Mountain Bike | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 205

– Coming up on this show this week we discuss how to produce your own bike. – Ooh, and would you invest in these products? Or no? It’s the Dirt Shed Show! – It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (upbeat music) (tools clanging) Yes, welcome to this week’s Dirt Shed Show with Chain Reaction Cycles of […]

Vorstellung der Cura Bremse: Formula zu Besuch bei bike-components

The new Cura brake. Formula is on their way here to introduce it. Then we are going to mount it. After, it’s time to ride. (Handshakes) morning (Eating) This is Flo, my name is Kai and we are here from Formula’s Customer Service department to introduce new products. This is our new brake, the Cura. […]