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How to Wash a Bike

Calvin Jones here, Park Tool Company. In this repair help video we’re going to walk through a basic bike wash. Let’s begin with what we need for equipment. Hand protection is a really good idea, such as the Mechanic’s Gloves from Park Tool. Next: some water. Just like doing dishes, steamy good hot water. If […]

Should You Jet Wash Your Bike? | Maintenance Monday

– The jetwash, an amazing and fast way to get stuff clean, stuff that includes your bike. Question is though, should you actually jetwash it? Well, we’re gonna find out, ready? (dramatic music) (maniacal laughter) People that say don’t jetwash your bike will tell you that one quick blast from a high-pressure hose will completely […]

6 Retro Bike Cleaning Hacks: Do They Really Work?!

(upbeat music) – There are many amazing products out there that make bike cleaning easier. But was there anything wrong with the way that we used to have to clean bikes before specific cleaners existed? Well, let’s find out, shall we? Old-school bike cleaning hacks, do they work? We go on about degreasers cleaning your […]

How to clean and restore a Vintage Cycle Frame

Hello and welcome to another video Today what we are going to do is show you in more detail Exactly what I do the process that I use to clean these frames up, so that is exactly what I am going to do today. So we have got this frame here, its all stripped down […]