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How To Clean Your Bike | GCN Tech’s Perfect Bike Wash

– It’s that time of year, where in the northern hemisphere we start to say goodbye to the winter months and instead get better weather. And with that in mind, there’s no better time, let’s face it, to actually clean up your bike so it’s looking and working just like new, or as close as […]

How To Clean Your Bike On Holiday Or Travelling | Maintenance Monday

– You’ve come away on the riding trip of a lifetime, you’ve been on perfect roads in perfect weather, and then one day this happens. Which is a problem. But you ride anyway, because you’re hard as nails, obviously And then, then you have an issue because your bike is now absolutely filthy. So what […]

How To Remove Rounded Bolts | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Welcome to this week’s Ask GCN Anything mechanical special edition, where we answer questions that you’ve sent in. I’m gonna waste no time. I’m gonna get straight to it. First up is a question from Jim Watkinson. Grease or copper slip on threads or seatposts? Wow, great question Jim. It totally depends on the […]

How To Build A DIY Bike Wash Station | Blake Builds

(bouncy music) (thump and crackling) – Welcome back, you beautiful people! Today, it’s gonna be your lucky day. I’m gonna show you how to make one of these, a DIY wash station, with brushes and shelf to go with. (laughs) Let’s get started! Okay, before we get started, you’re gonna need a few essential materials […]

The 30 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean Your BIke

Okay, so let’s look at doing a really thorough bike wash. It’s something I do after a really dirty ride or before a proper service of the bike. I’m going to start taking the wheels off and things like that. Start off hosing it off, just try and get the worst of that mud off. […]

How To Make Your Bicycle Frame Look Like New

– So we’ve had loads of requests come in on how to get your bike’s paint work looking good again. So today we’re gonna do just that. It’s your pride and joy after all. By the time we’re done with it you’re gonna be the envy of all your riding mates at the caf’. It’s […]

The 30 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean & Degrease Your Bike

Sometimes your bike just needs a really thorough clean, particularly if you’ve got a big event coming up like a sportif or a race. First of all run a bucket of hot soapy water. I always washing up liquid because there’s always some in my house. If you’ve been more organized you can use a […]