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Bike Talk – Cannondale Factory Racing prototype Downhill bike | SHIMANO

My name is Tom Duncan. I’m the mechanic for Cannondale Factory Racing. These are our bikes. We’ve got a race bike which is that one. And then this one is a practice bike. We’ve got them setup differently to show how versatile this bike is. The black carbon parts are identical on both bikes… …but […]

PUCH Road Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another bike, and another restoration One thing that I love doing with these is finding out the history behind the company of these bikes themselves. But before we do that, what i generally always say if you are not a Subscriber to the channel then please click on Subscribe it is […]

Racer X Tested 2006 Honda CRF 250R Project Rebuild Race Bike

Hey, Jay Clark here with Rocky Mountain. Today, we’re going to give you an inside look to a Racer X Project bike we just got done finishing up. Really cool bike, restoring an old 2006 CRF250. We’re going to go around this bike and tell you about some things we did, some things that might […]

Building The Bike | Cheap Bike To Super Bike Ep. 4

– Right, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, building up the bike from scratch, something we see in the comments all the time. Now the eagle-eyed of you, first up, will notice it’s now got some logos on it. That’s thanks to the folks at Cycle-istiC who did in fact send some stickers […]


This bike build project started in the middle of December 2018 when I bought this frameset. In the time leading up to that I have been looking around on the internet occasionally for a frameset that was off-road-capable, had proper tire clearance, was proven quality, featured rack mounts and looked good. I suddenly realized that […]

2017 KTM 250 SX-F RMFantasySX Bike Build

– What’s up, everyone? I am Chase here at Rocky Mountain ATV MC, coming at you with our 2017 KTM 250 SX-F bike build. So, for 2017, we had an awesome year of RM Fantasy SX. We had over 60,000 players. Really just a ton of fun. Gave away a lot of great prizes, but […]


you might have seen it already hey guys what’s up, that’s how we start usually you have might noticed now that I am on my free coaster hub again and we are doing Slopestyle free coaster challenges on my Slopestyle free coaster bike a free coaster hub is a hub where you don’t have to […]

GCN’s Cheap Bike To Super Bike Upgrade Challenge – The Finished Bicycle!

– The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The GCN Cheap Bike, which I’ve gradually been transforming into something which hopefully is going to resemble a Super Bike in terms of performance. But hey, I’ve got Chris Opie to do that tough work for me. But many of you will remember how this bike started […]

Ich verschenke ein BIKE! 250.000 ABO – GIVEAWAY

lets do a little hand plant there is still one Camo the bruce left and that’s it hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video we have made it to 250k sub and so stoked about it wouldn’t have imagined something like that when I started of so dope to teach you stuff […]