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Making A Lamp Out Of A Mountain Bike Frame | MTB Upcycling

– For today’s video I thought I’d have a go at a bit of up-cycling. Now I’m quite into my bike art, there’s a lot of stuff behind me on the wall, there’s Jeff Wall prints, there’s an old disc drive clock up there. As you can see there’s just general stuff hanging around, there’s […]

Roll Your Own: Designer Roll Series

ERIC JEPSON: Hi, I’m Eric Jepson. I’m the graphics manager here at Specialized for components. BRANDON BOSWELL: Brandon Boswell. I’m a designer. JOHN TAKAO: John Takao. I’m a footwear designer. DYLAN BUFFINGTON: Dylan Buffington. I’m an industrial designer. JIMMY BROWNING: Jimmy Browning. I am the lead graphic designer for fitness category. KAYLA CLAROT: Kayla Clarot. […]