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Cycle Pumps Buying Guide | Halfords UK

Every cyclist needs a bike pump. There are several different types of pumps to choose from, and making sure you have a pump that fits your bike and your needs is important. We have pumps that are perfect for all kinds of bikes – mountain bikes, leisure, road bikes and kids bikes. Each type of […]

TykeToter – The Most Interactive Child Bike Seat

The Tyke Toter really is the most interactive child’s bike seat on the market. I especially love how my daughter is right there in front of me, right between my arms. It really makes us both feel secure and it turns the bike ride into this truly fun experience that we share together. I was […]

The Best Road Bike for Me

There’s so many different ways you can ride a road bike and see the world. You can ride for fitness. You can ride for competition. You can ride for adventure, and you can ride for social reasons to be with your friends. You can ride to explore new places. There’s really nothing you can’t do […]

Lezyne: International Design

I am Micki Kozuschek from Lezyne. I am the founder and CEO, and I am the guy that drives everybody crazy here. My micromanagement style is just to keep everything streamlined and it is my way of mentoring all the people around me. I think it makes for a better product if your product is […]