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How To Ride Massive Jumps With Nico Vink | MTB Skills

(upbeat rock music) – Right, big table tops yes bike parks have these things all over the place and they are big. And everyone wants to hit the biggest table top. They want to clear it just to show off to their mates. I hit the biggest table top out there. So why are table […]

Blake’s Pro Diary | Riding The Audi Nines

(hip hop music) – So we’ve arrived in Frankfurt. And we’re on our way to Audi Nines. Got my luggage, I’m all ready. Now I just gotta go through this big green square thing and go find the shuttle. I’ll see you on the other side. (hip hop music) So obviously it’s not a bus, […]

Bike Trailer for Kids | Bike Trailer Jogger | Bike Carrier for Kids

The big wheel, this is a big wheel Mum. It is a big wheel! I’ve never seen these. You’ve never seen them? Yeah. Are you so excited? Yeah It’s Archie’s Toys and Games Say hi Archie! Hi! Hi Stella! Hi Daddy! Rrrrmmmm. Woah! Hello everybody. Want to go around the round-a-bout? Here we go! Rrrrrmmmmm […]

How To Ride Big Jumps | Mountain Bike Skills In Whistler Bike Park

– [Blake] Oh, here comes a rider now, two riders. – [Neil] Nice. – Big jump. Steezing it out. Another one. Oh! We are in Whistler. This is the famous A-Line trail. – Probably the most famous jumps in the world, we’re going to talk about how to ride big jumps. – Mm-hmm. (relaxed hip-hop […]

How Hard Can You Ride A Hardtail E-Bike?

– There’s a lot of love out there for full suspension e-bike on the trails. But the hardtail has also got a lot of love too. These things are super versatile. People might think that you need loads of suspension out there to do big things out there on the trails, big drops and jumps […]


Whats up guys and welcome to a new video! I was injured with a torn ligament, had to work a lot, and couldn’t go biking at all. That’s why there weren’t any videos. In the meantime Insta360 send me their camera, the ONE X. And we’re gonna test it today. It’s quite frozen, gonna be […]