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*EPIC* DARKFEST HIGHLIGHTS by Szymon Godziek | Godziek Brothers

Doggieeeeeee There are so many dogs here at the farm They are all around, come to me, which I like a lot so nice After the morning sesh it’s usually this windy and it’s rather impossible to ride the Darkest line BUT we can ride pit bikes And I’ll show you the bike park now […]

Those Jumps Are Too Big! | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

– So you’ve started riding some small jumps and it’s got scary fast. And you’ve watched all the how-to videos and the technique makes sense but some how the reality is starting to feel like a fast track to the hospital. Well, that sounds like a problem. (boom) Jumping bikes is one of the most […]

Freeride & Downhill E Biking At Revolution Bike Park | Riding With Adam Brayton

– The whole E-bike scene has changed massively over the last couple of years. The riders, the bikes is all seeing massive change. Got riders coming from downhill, got riders coming from cross-country, they’re all embracing the E-bike love. Well we’re here today at Revolution Bike Park to meet up with one of the heavy […]

How To Ride Big Jumps | Mountain Bike Skills In Whistler Bike Park

– [Blake] Oh, here comes a rider now, two riders. – [Neil] Nice. – Big jump. Steezing it out. Another one. Oh! We are in Whistler. This is the famous A-Line trail. – Probably the most famous jumps in the world, we’re going to talk about how to ride big jumps. – Mm-hmm. (relaxed hip-hop […]

How To Stop Crashing On Your MTB! | Mountain Bike Skills

– We all fall off our bikes occasionally. You guys send in your videos of fails and bails in the dirt shed show. But today, we’re gonna look at how to avoid the most common reasons for falling off your bike. (electronic music) Over the bars, probably the most spectacular of all crashes can be […]