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Serious Mountain Bike Airtime | GMBN’s March Sends Of The Month

– Mr. Ashton are you ready to send it? – Oh my God, oh my God I’m ready. – You ready? – I wasn’t that ready. – ‘Cause it’s this month’s Send it of the Month. – Yeah, we get your sends every week. We ask for them on the Dirt Shed Show. And the […]

ZWEI STÜRZE im Finale – Red Bull Joyride Crankworx Whistler!

hey guys what’s up welcome to the 2nd joyride video that was Jakub Vencl dropping in, training is about to start 3h session coming up, its pretty windy tho its the day before final and we still have to do a lot of stuff pumped…. you can’t film a serious video around this guy hahah […]

Rider Profile | Freeride Mountain Bike Legend Nico Vink

(peaceful music) – [Narrator 1] Nico Vinc is a, he is a character. – [Narrator 2] Sending it the way bigger than anybody, best style ever, – [Narrator 3] so much bike control yours, so rare to see Nico Vinc, make any sort of mistake. – [Narrator 4] Real nice guy, modest mellow guy that […]

Gnarly Mountain Bike Crashes! | GMBN’s April Fails & Bails

– Okay, it’s time for the best fails and bails of the month, April of course. So Chris, you’re joining me. – Yeah. – Lets take a look at the best fails and bails – I’m looking forward to it, lets get into it. – And the winner is going to win a GMBN jersey, […]