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Miami’s huge bike ride – Critical Mass in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

I’ve lived in South Florida for close to 5 years, and one of the things I love doing is riding Fort Lauderdale Critical Mass. As I explained in another video, Critical Mass is an international phenomenon. Once per month, hundreds or thousands of cyclists meet up at a predetermined location to ride around their city […]

The Fiepstunnel in Zaltbommel

in July 2016, this bicycle tunnel in Zaltbommel was opened… under the upgraded N322 as an integral part of that road project. In Dutch such tunnels are called “Fietstunnel”. But this one got the nickname Fiepstunnel, a one letter difference. What’s that all about? Zaltbommel was home to the artist Fiep Westendorp. She drew illustrations […]

Mayor celebrates downtown bike lanes, says more to come

thank you Sam and thanks to everyone who’s here today we’re going to celebrate a major milestone for our Center City bike network and it’s really exciting to say that we have completed the four protected bike lanes that were built downtown in 2019 this is another major step to build the city of the […]

Stream about Eastlake bike lanes and RapidRide J

Seattle bike blog intro whoo. Fancy. That was pretty cool huh? welcome to the first of what I hope is a series of videos for seattle bike blog. I am your editor Tom Fucoloro. I’ve been the editor of Seattle bike blog since 2010 and I’m hoping to start a series of videos where I […]

Bike Boxes

Thousands of people in Toronto choose to ride a bicycle as a healthy way to get around. The City of Toronto supports Cycling, as a sustainable mode of Transportation, and we’re painting new markings at intersections, like this bike box to help drivers and cyclists share the road. Bike boxes are used at intersections to […]

Bicycle Safety Tips

Wear bright, neon-colored clothing with reflective stripes and patches so that motorists can see you at night and in low-visibility conditions. For more information about bicycle safety, visit www.go4life.nia.nih.gov.

Magicshine SEEMEE 60 Smart LED Bike Tail Light Review

Thanks for tuning in this is The Sweet Cyclists and today we’re going to be doing a full product review for the Magicshine Seemee 60 LED taillight. This is a part of the new exciting urban cycling products and it’s a all-in-one bicycle taillight. If we go over the specs you can see it’s a […]