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Cycling around a Dutch bus stop

There is a huge and dangerous difference in mass and speed between a bus and someone on a bicycle. That is why the Dutch separate these types of traffic as much as possible. And this is a very old tradition that started at the bus stop. This picture from 1953 shows a bus stop with […]

Bike Maintenance: 10 Essential Tips

It’s spring here at Skratch Labs and teamed up with our friends at House of Spin to bring you 10 bike maintenance must do’s. to bring you 10 bike maintenance must do’s. Start by degreasing your drivetrain. Pro Tip: cut an old water bottle in half to hold degreaser and keep it in the bottle […]

The Loop – 100 Miles of Paved Cycling Pathway in Tucson

(relaxing rhythmic music) – I reacquainted myself with the bike when I was 35. I weighed 240 pounds, I smoked four packs of cigarettes a day and I was a large beer drinker. Come home, first thing I’d do is open a beer. And at 35 I said enough, so the first thing I did […]

We Tried Celebrity Cycling For A Month

– I prefer to be alone on a mountain but they’re all gonna be like (upbeat music) (laughs) – The first time I heard about SoulCycle was seeing a paparazzi photo of Vanessa Hudgens leaving SoulCycle and I said, “Oh, what is that? I want to try.” – I’ve never heard of SoulCycle, a place […]

Forces – The Science Behind the Bike (4/4)

When a cyclist rides a bike around a track or along a road the rider applies forces that propel the bike forwards. There are other forces acting on the bike that tend to slow it down. Identifying these forces and understanding their effect enables bike designers, sports scientists and elite athletes to work to minimise […]

Walmart Bike VS Whistler Bike Park

My name is Paul and I am a mountain bike punter. But what if I took all that away? What if I tried to ride Whistler Mountain Bike Park on the Cheapest bike available to me? I thought I would give it a go and see what happens. An averagely skilled mountain biker who just […]