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This is MTB Himalaya : Weathering the Storm

Out here in India when you’re out on those different courses and stages you’re really on your own. You need to be prepared. Staying hydrated, carrying enough supplies that you think you’re gonna need. Whether or not you want to DNF or not, you’re probably gonna have to go the full distance because you’re in […]

Ergo21 LiquiCell Bicycle Seat Cushion Review – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. And it’s product review time again. The folks at Ergo21 sent me their LiquiCell Bicycle Seat Cushion. It’s really nice cause it comes in two different sizes. This is the regular size that fits most bikes, and this is the large size for maybe something with a bigger seat like […]

Velo Pasadena | GCN’s Check Out LA’s Coolest Bike Shop

[music] Jeremy: I’m here with the owner Hrach of Vello Pasadena. Hrach, thank you so much for making the time for us. Hrach Gevrikyan: Absolutely. Jeremy: Great to meet you and to be in this space. There is so much stuff to go over. Each one of these has some type of significance to you. […]

Bike Education and Safety Training classes with Metro

Metro has partnered with community organizations to bring you the Bike Education Safety Training Program offering FREE bike classes and rides all over LA County. Our program is tailored to every experience level, making it easier for you trade in four wheels to two. Bike 101 is a quick overview of bike basics and rules […]

These Electric Bikes Will Make You Smile

Always always get the cool bike because the cool bike is the one you’re gonna want to ride every day, right, is someone that’s gonna be in the garage and you’re gonna want to get out there and ride it because, it’s just the cool bike. Our mission here at Faraday is really simple. wwe […]

This is MTB Himalaya : The Battle Begins

On the count of 3, 2, 1 Go The first day, the Prologue was just 27km. We just rode from Shimla to our first camp. Set up, had the night there and this was like a reunion for people in the last couple years ’cause we all got to hang out again. I always have […]