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PCS-4-1 & PCS-4-2 Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand

Park Tool PCS-4 Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand is a heavy duty folding stand that’s perfect for home use or portable shop use. Clamping height is quickly and easily adjustable from 55 to 68 inches using the convenient quick release system. The PCS-4 is offered with a choice of two different shop clamps: the 100-3C […]

This Is Dirty Kanza

This is my first year coming out to the Dirty Kanza. The race has been around for over a decade, I’ve always wanted to make it out here. If I was gonna try and sum up and describe what this race is, I’d say it’s more than just you racing the competition it’s you battling […]

This is Dirty Kanza : Trailer

200 miles. 3,000 racers. It’s more than just racing the competition. It’s you battling the elements. This race is intense. Well, I wouldn’t say intense. It’s just f*@king hard. It’s just a battle in every aspect of it. Got a little bit of everything. Searing heat. No shade. Razor sharp rocks. Next thing you know […]

The Cycling Lifestyle | SubCultures

-I will admit that I am a fair-weather cyclist, and I was way more into building my bike and making it look cool than I was actually riding it. But for many people, especially those in our episode today, cycling is so much more than a hobby. It’s a way of life. Come here. I […]

Sesame Street: Bikes, Trains, Planes, and Cars!

BERT: When I’m out there, on the open bike path, feeling the wind in my eyebrow, I feel so free. BERT: [SINGING] Sure, I’ve got two little wheels on the side, but that’s why my bike is one sweet ride. They help keep me up, help me stay in control. I won’t give them up, […]

Schindelhauer Bikes: Belt Driven Since Day One

I think most people don’t like working on a chain or don’t like maintaining their chain. And the belt drive is a very very good solution for that. Gates Carbon Drive especially in combination with such a beautiful bike like the Schindelhauer makes a simple clean product where the consumer has a lot of joy […]