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Cycling Kyrgyzstan Part 1 | Bicycle Tour Around the World #3

Kak vaz a voot? Abdul Rahman. Nice to meet you. Is Kyrgyzstan. Rahmat. He just gave us an ice-cream. Decent looking mountains over there…. Kyrgyzstan!! Pretty nice campsite… Have you ever cycled through a landslide before? No. Was it fun? In the middle of absolute nowhere but look what we’ve got. I’ve got a nice […]

Japan Bike Trip #3 – Cycling Across Honshu (2017)

The plan for this trip was to travel the length of Japan by bicycle. So far I’d cycled around Hokkaido and reached Cape Soya, the northernmost point of Japan. I then made my south, took a ferry to Honshu, and traveled through Tohoku, arriving in Sendai in late October. From here I would cycle all […]

Fitting a Bicycle to You : Various Types of Bicycles

In the three major types of bikes out there, we have the hybrid, usually indicated by upright handle bars, like a mountain bike, wide gear range like a mountain bike, however, the narrower higher pressure tires of the road bike. The industry is a little confused right now about what to call these bikes, they […]

Najlepszy e-KOMPUTER do e-bike = MPe

Hello, it’s Marek from bikel.pl channel today i’ll show You something amazing MPe – our on Board Computer Heart of MPe computer sits here, inside of the electric box it is main board to which all connections are made, all cables and sensors are connected there is display on handlebar which show us all data […]

Bike helmet showdown: Stanford researchers test new airbag tech

[MUSIC PLAYING] Stanford University. Three, two, one. It’s little-known that football, although you hear about it all the time in the media, is not the number one cause of sports and activity-related concussion. It’s bicycling. We compared the performance of a traditional bicycle helmet, which is made of expanded polystyrene foam, to this newly-developed product […]

Review: Tern Vektron S10 Folding Electric Bike

– [Karen] Hi, I’m Karen Wiener from The New Wheel Electric Bikes, and I am joined today by Daniel, who works with me here at The New Wheel in Larkspur as a salesperson. Thanks for being here with me today. – [Daniel] I’m glad to be here. – Daniel is a Vektron rider, and so […]

Review: Riese & Müller Roadster Electric Bike

Hi, my name is Karen Wiener from The New Wheel and San Francisco & Marin. I’m here today to share with you some of our thoughts on the recent Müller Roadster. It’s a newly revamped version of this bike, and I have to say, I’ve just been so excited to ride it and I can’t […]

Electric bike sneaks into Tour of NZ Pro Cycle race!!!

It was a bit naughty… but I had just got into importing ebikes and… well… it was pretty funny. I had my camera hanging around my neck, so had to let it go to change gears… If you look close you can see just a nano hint of camera shake… 🙂 locked and loaded, gears […]