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Hinton Mountain Bike Park

Hi, I’m Mike Jodeland, Vice President of the Hinton Mountain Bike Association, and welcome tot he Hinton Mountain Bike Park. Mountain biking for me? That means freedom. You know, you get out on the trail, there’s no lanes, there’s no speed limits, there’s no stop signs. The trails whatever you want it to be, you […]

Bike Talk – Mathias Flückiger’s Radon Jealous | SHIMANO

Hi guys, this is my new bike: the Radon Jealous. And I’ll now show you some details. As you can see, the bike is equipped with a full Shimano XTR groupset. I prefer normally a single ring in the front. For example a 36T. When it’s a little bit steeper then a 34T is the […]

Zizzo Folding Bike Review – Shark Valley – Everglades National Park

Hi! Dave and Janice from No Fixed Address back with you. Today we’re going to show you our Zizzo folding bikes And we’ll take them for a ride in the Everglades to check out some alligators and birds and various wildlife We decided to look at bicycles as another option for getting some exercise We […]

Madrax | Thomas Steele – Quality Bike Racks and Site Furnishings

When you want to give a distinct personality to your environment and encourage pedestrian and bike-friendly communities, turn to Graber Manufacturing. “In 1989, my father started what was then called Madrax, we manufactured outdoor bicycle parking systems, and from there in 2000, he saw a need in the market for outdoor site furnishings, so he […]

Sally and Possum Season 6 Episode 6 – Possum learns to ride

Hello. Hmm. Huh? Look! Oh! Huh?! Whoa! Hmm. Whoa! Huh? Look! Oh! I’m Sally. And I’m Possum. BOTH: Hello! Ah! Oh, hi everyone! Good morning! What? Huh? The bike is missing. Hmm? Hmm. Did Sally take it for a ride? No, she couldn’t have done that. The bike’s broken. It doesn’t work. Hmm, I must […]

Cane Creek eeWings and Hellbender Bottom Bracket Upgrade

Today’s the big day. I finally made a choice for some upgrades. Many of you brought up Cane Creek in the comments. So I pulled the trigger and called up my boy Slowey to get the ball rolling. Cane Creek offers a variety of things including cranks, bearings, forks, shocks, seatposts, and more including a […]

What’s faster? A bicycle or a car in Indian traffic

All those of you who are already living in Hyderabad, probably already know how bad the traffic here can be. So I thought it would be a genius idea for me to race my friend. I’d be on a bike, and he’d be in a car. I just wanted to find out who’d be quicker. […]

Crazy Bike Tricks By The Bicycle Ballerina

The first time I see artistic cycling was at a celebration in my village, close to Berlin and I saw girls doing this stuff on the bike. They did it so together and it was so impressive. They did tricks on the bike they stand on the handlebar. It was so smooth and glorious. It […]