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Why Tel Aviv’s Bike Paths Will Never Be As Good As Copenhagen’s

We’ve already shown you plenty of Tel Aviv’s terrible bike infrastructure in our previous video: “…pathetic excuse for a bike path…” “…worthless” “…still doesn’t save you from getting doored…” “…just a tiny bit of paint…” “…tendency to disappear…” “…energy-wasting hassle…” “…THE best bike path in Tel Aviv” But this disgraceful state of affairs is not […]

The Bicycle Thief (Short Film)

You found it, you found my bike! Yes, this time. But what do you always have to do from now on? Lock it, I’ll always lock it. Right. Did you find the thief? No, Just your bicycle.

Bike trip from Italy to Slovenia – Episode 1, The bicycles

so here we are in front of Cigno Verde which is the organization who is helping us with our adventure from Italy to slovenia by bike they are a social corporation and they have many social projects and the one that we are involved with is called recycled where they collect bikes around the city […]

Utrecht in lockdown

The streets in Utrecht have never been so empty on a Friday morning. Not in my lifetime at least. Although the lockdown in the Netherlands was still voluntary that day… most people stayed indoors as much as possible. Only those with essential jobs kept on working… and going to their work. That was also very […]

How To Lose Weight Mountain Biking | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

(logo slamming) – So what we actually trying to achieve here? I guess we’re talking about matching two goals together, having fun on bikes and losing weight. The fun and bikes bit being the baseline status, the bare minimum. The losing weight bit being the end result. Sound good? The problem we must avoid is […]

8 Mountain Bike Pre Ride Checks

– Hello, everyone, here are eight things you should definitely bear in mind before you ride your bike, every single time. (whooshing) (upbeat music) It sounds crazy, (whooshing) but every single time I ride my bike, I always check the pressures beforehand. I also make sure the chain is lubed. Now, air pressures can go […]

Mountain Bike Medics Of The Andes Pacifico | Andes Pacifico MTB Enduro 2020

(wind) (intense music) – [Henry] The landscape here is beautiful, yet brutal. It entices explorers, yet punishes the unprepared. You’d be mad to put a bike race through here, surely. Well, if you were so inclined, you would want a medical team rich in expertise because when it does go wrong here, the stakes are […]