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PCS-4-1 & PCS-4-2 Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand

Park Tool PCS-4 Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand is a heavy duty folding stand that’s perfect for home use or portable shop use. Clamping height is quickly and easily adjustable from 55 to 68 inches using the convenient quick release system. The PCS-4 is offered with a choice of two different shop clamps: the 100-3C […]

Bicycle Rim Brake Identification – What Type of Brake Do I Have?

In this video we’ll identify different types of cable actuated rim brake calipers, and we’ll guide you to the appropriate repair help video if it exists in our collection. If you’re working with disc or hydraulic brakes, we have links to that content in the text description below. Caliper identification is part of our video […]

Bicycle Pedal Removal and Installation

Hello. We’re going to walk through the process of pedal removal and installation. The pedal is one of the most important contact points of the bicycle and it’s critical the pedals are properly secured in the crank. Join us as we go through each step of the process. First, let’s discuss why we might want […]

How to Wrap Handlebars for Road Bikes

Calvin Jones here, Park Tool Company. In this video, we’re going to walk to the procedures of wrapping the drop style handlebars. There are many types of handlebar tapes available. They all vary in strength. Before you begin wrapping, if you’re unfamiliar with the brand, grab the end of the tape and pull to get […]

Building The Bike | Cheap Bike To Super Bike Ep. 4

– Right, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, building up the bike from scratch, something we see in the comments all the time. Now the eagle-eyed of you, first up, will notice it’s now got some logos on it. That’s thanks to the folks at Cycle-istiC who did in fact send some stickers […]

Park Tool Portable Repair Stand Comparison

A repair stand is the centerpiece of any workshop. It allows you to get the bike up off the ground, spin the wheels, check the gears, do cleaning, just anything you can think of but at a more comfortable height. We get asked all the time – what’s the best workstand for me? Today I’m […]

PCS-9 & PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stands

The Park Tool PCS-9 and PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stands The PCS-9 offers Park Tool quality in an entry-level repair stand for the home mechanic. The stand is height adjustable from 39 inches to 57 inches The screw type clamp adjusts to fit nearly any tube from 7/8ths of an inch to 3 inches, including […]

PCS 10.2 Deluxe Home Mechanic Workstand

The Park Tool PCS-10.2 Deluxe Home Mechanic Workstand takes Park Tool’s 50 years of experience creating professional shop stands and applies them to a high-quality full-featured workstand for the home mechanic. Engineered with a reinforced three-point leg system and constructed from teardrop-shaped steel tubing to resist rotation, the PCS 10.2 securely holds bicycles up to […]

CT-4.3 Master Chain Tool with Peening Anvil

is a powerful and precise tool designed to quickly and accurately remove and install chain rivets. The CT-4.3 works on all derailleur chains and is specially designed for the tight tolerances and narrow profiles of modern 10 and 11 speed chains. The integrated link pocket ensures precise alignment and it includes a removable anvil to […]