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How To Climb Faster On A Road Bike – Light Bike Or Light Body?

– [Daniel] Welcome again to GCN. And today I’ve got the pleasure of being joined by Greg Foot of the Head Squeeze Channel. – [Greg] Hey, guys. – Today we’re going to be answering the question, what is better? A lighter bike or a leaner body? And that’s why Greg’s here to make sure we […]

How To Get Aero On A Road Bike Like A Pro

In this video, we look at how to make your road bike as aerodynamic as possible. We’re here at stage 1 of the Tour of Dubai, an individual time trial, and the riders, as you can see, can’t ride on low-profile frames so they’ve had to make some minor adjustments to theirs. We’re going to […]

Welcome to eSpokes – Utah’s premier electric bike dealer

The reality behind an electric bike is it gives you the freedom to ride. If you want exercise then you can get exercise – if you want to just enjoy the scenery you can do that. But YOU control your ride. eBikes are bicycles have a motor to help you when you’re pedaling. The biggest […]

Review: Stromer ST1 Electric Bike

hi Brett Thurber here from The New Wheel electric bikes in San Francisco today I’m with the streamer st1 electric bike. This is a bike that I’ve been riding for the last six months or so from my shop here in Bernal to Sausalito and and so I wanna talk a little bit about my […]

How To Replace Cable Housing Routed Internally Through A Bike Frame

I’m going to show you how to replace an internally routed cable housing. And this is like an old cable housing so this is the one I am gonna go ahead and replace So what I am going to do is take a brake cable …because this is brake cable housing I’m going to insert […]

Six Speed Overview – Brompton Bike Gearing Video Review

Hey folks, this is Peter from bikes and life. Now I’m here with the 6 speed Brompton and show you a little bit more detail about the six-speed particular. so with the 6 speed, you have a 3 speed internal hub and you have the same kind of brand as in the 3speed of the […]

Encore Instructions

Welcome to the instructional video for the Burley Encore Out of the box, the Encore arrives in its folded position. To assemble the encore, start by removing the contents. First install the tow bar clamps, which double as wheel guards. Match the wheel guard hole to the hole in the tow bar receiver, and insert […]

D’Lite Instructional (2013)

Welcome to the instructional video for the Burley D’Lite. Out of the box the D’Lite arrives in its folded position. To assemble the D’Lite, first remove the contents and start by attaching the wheels. They will lock in and out of place using the “push” button in the middle. Now lock the trailer into its […]