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Simple Trick To Align Handlebars Perfectly Straight

I’m going to show you a little trick to get the handlebars aligned perfectly straight. The common method is to go ahead, put your knees on either side of the wheel, loosen the stem, kind of adjust it, eyeball it. You can maybe look down the stem and say is it aligned with the wheel? […]

Fix A Puncture – Remove A Bike’s Rear Wheel With Quick Release Skewer

Before you remove the rear wheel, select the gear that uses the least amount of chain; The fastest at the back, the slowest at the front. Open the brake. Rotate the handle on the quick release skewer through 180 degrees from the closed position to the open position. Stand behind the bike with your head […]

Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Road Bike Review

Hey folks this is Peter from Bikes and Life. Now here it’s a little early season review of the giant TCR. Now this giant all-around road race bike Great spinter, great climbers, super light and very very fast. The most impressive thing about the TCR Advanced Pro 1 is how giant was able to increase […]

Review: Bionx Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Hi I’m Brett from The New Wheel in San Francisco. Today I’d like to talk to you about Bionx. Bionx is a conversion kit that you can add to your existing bike. to make it electric. It’s the only conversion kit that we sell here at the shop because it’s really the most reliable and […]

Shop Talk: The Specialized Venge

SAM BENEDICT: Welcome to SBCU. We’re going to talk about the Venge. If you’re the type of rider that’s looking for the fastest freakin’ bike out there, this is all about you. The Venge is more bike than aero, which means it is an aerodynamic fast bike, but it also has a great deal of […]


J’aime le Sri Lanka. Cette île est petite et magnifique. Elle a beaucoup à offrir, végétation luxuriante, faune, paysages incroyables, des gens super, une culture riche et le bouddhisme. Je veux quelque chose de réel. Voilà pourquoi je préfère rester plus longtemps, trouver mon chemin, rencontrer des gens. Comme Nalinda, ce Sri Lankais qui m’a […]

Faraday Cortland Electric Bike Video Review

Hey folks!! This is Peter from bikes and life. Now here in beautiful Monterey Bay California, at the sea otter Bike Festival with the Faraday Portland. The coolest thing about this bike of course is that step through frame, so instead of having to swing your bike way back over the seat like that, you […]

Bee (2010-2013) Instructional

Welcome to the instructional video for the Burley Bee. The Bee is a bike only trailer, that is not designed for use with strolling, jogging, and ski kits. Out of the box the bee arrives in its folded position. First remove the contents, and attach the wheels. They will lock in and out of place […]