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Understanding Your Power Meter Data (Cycling Tips)

hey guys Vegan cyclist, I want to talk about understanding your data from your power meter I’ve had a lot of questions about this people asking me my experience with this but so we’ll break it down into three different topics one how to set up your data on your garmin properly so that you’re […]

How to Warm Up for a Bike Race | Road Cycling

Warming up for a bike race is a lot like warming up for any other sport. You don’t want to just go into it cold. You want to spend at least an hour, spinning your legs, breaking a sweat, warming up. You don’t want to start the race completely dead. Shorter bike races, you want […]

5 Bike Race Steering & Cornering Tips | Road Cycling

Cornering is very, very important in any sort of competitive cycling. So rather than turning the bike with the handlebars, you want to be more conscious of turning the bike with your hips, leading into turns. The idea is to look where you plan on turning, and your body will follow through. The most important […]