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Bike repair shop || PARKIS

As a bike mechanic, I love to keep my workspace clean and uncluttered. However, when the deadlines are turning red and unfinished tasks are all over the place, it can be challenging to keep up with the rising number of bikes. Trust me – I’ve experienced this so many times. Now, things have changed. I […]

PCS-4-1 & PCS-4-2 Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand

Park Tool PCS-4 Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand is a heavy duty folding stand that’s perfect for home use or portable shop use. Clamping height is quickly and easily adjustable from 55 to 68 inches using the convenient quick release system. The PCS-4 is offered with a choice of two different shop clamps: the 100-3C […]

Bicycle Tricks & Repair : Street Bikes for Beginners

So now we are going to talk about street bikes. Street bikes are designed for just being on the road. They have a really narrow 700 seat tire on them which is a very high pressure tire. They go anywhere from 100 to 120 PSI. They are also really lightweight. This here is a straight […]

Vintage Trek Road Bike Restoration Giveaway

Born in a barn, raised on rocket science WOW!, Now that is a statement Hello and welcome to another bike and another restoration This is a Trek If you are unaware who Trek are then where have you been these bicycles are everywhere in the world and is a very successful company based in America […]

Vintage Raleigh Quadra 531 Road Bike Restoration

Hello and Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration This is a Raleigh Quadra and it is back from 1988 Extremely happy that I have managed to get this and share it with you and generally what we do is start off by talking a little bit about the company itself which is Raleigh, however […]

Vintage Carlton Road Bike Restoration

Hello and Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration I get asked a lot where do I find these Bikes from This one was quiet an interesting story I had been out Cycling I was dressed in lycra and in the traffic a couple of cars a head, I seen a van on its way […]

How To Not Maintain Your Bike – Road Bike Maintenance

– We spend a lot of time here on GCN advising you about what you should do to maintain your bike. But very rarely do we say what you shouldn’t do. We’ve probably all been there, applying more and more pressure to a fragile, yet seemingly immovable bolt, only to find that instead of loosening […]

Bicycle Rim Brake Identification – What Type of Brake Do I Have?

In this video we’ll identify different types of cable actuated rim brake calipers, and we’ll guide you to the appropriate repair help video if it exists in our collection. If you’re working with disc or hydraulic brakes, we have links to that content in the text description below. Caliper identification is part of our video […]

Bicycle Pedal Removal and Installation

Hello. We’re going to walk through the process of pedal removal and installation. The pedal is one of the most important contact points of the bicycle and it’s critical the pedals are properly secured in the crank. Join us as we go through each step of the process. First, let’s discuss why we might want […]