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How To: Clean and Lube Your Bike Chain

Hello, and welcome back to yet another bicycle tutorial brought to you by a bearded man wearing flannel! Keeping your bike chain clean and lubed is one of the best ways to extend the life of your drive train and keep your bike shifting smoothly. Even better, it’s an easy task you can do from […]

Does A Chain Affect Mountain Bike Suspension Performance?

– Chains, we need them, right? But how much do we need a chain? So Aaron Gwin and Rachel Atherton more recently have proved that you can go super fast without a chain. Rachel Atherton actually made time on the most pedally section of Fort William without a chain. But how does that chain affect […]

How To Replace Your Chain – MTB Maintenance

changing your chain is widely overlooked by many mountain bikers but simply you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run on more expensive parts like the cassette and the chain ring using one of these chain wear indicators will tell you how worn your chain is and whether it needs replacing […]

When to Replace a Chain on a Bicycle

Chains are a consumable part of the bicycle’s drivetrain. As you pile on the miles, your bike’s chain will wear out. The internal parts of the chain, the rollers and rivets, begin to wear down and give the illusion of stretching. This wear can cause the chain to mesh poorly with the cogs and chainrings, […]

How to Size a Bicycle Chain

Replacement chains for bicycles are always longer than you need. In this video we’ll take you step by step through chain sizing. Hello, Calvin Jones with Park Tool company. If you’re working on a bike with a single speed, or a bike with a Campagnolo derailleur, we have separate videos that cover sizing for those […]

How To Replace A Bicycle Chain

– [Simon] You periodically need to replace the chain on your bike, either because the old one is worn out, or perhaps because it’s been damaged, maybe even snapped. – [Matt] Are you [beep] kidding me? – Fortunately, it’s a simple process. All you need is a new chain and then a chain tool. To […]

6 Essential E- Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

– Wow, can you believe that EMBN is six months old and we’ve not yet done a basic E-Bike maintenance video? And I have to thank Hailey, from the Whitehorse, for highlighting this. So today we’re gonna be covering all the parts that you need to keep an eye on to keep your E-Bike running […]

Lubing A Mountain Bike Chain Correctly | GMBN Tech MTB Essentials Ep. 8

– This is a GMBN Tech essentials series, our easy to follow guide to setting up and maintaining your bike yourself. In this video, we’re looking at lubricating the chain, which although does sound like a very simple thing, it’s something often approached totally wrong. So, we’re gonna dispel a few myths here today in […]