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Mountain Ride | Cieneguitas Dam with MaxiBikers | Mountain Bike

– Are you ok? – Yes, I’m fine… – Wait, don’t move him “In today’s adventure we will catch up with our friends of MaxiBikers… who will take us to the dam of Cieneguitas.” – Some flat tire – Always have to be prepared with a tube – I want to buy one – Right! […]

Six Speed Overview – Brompton Bike Gearing Video Review

Hey folks, this is Peter from bikes and life. Now I’m here with the 6 speed Brompton and show you a little bit more detail about the six-speed particular. so with the 6 speed, you have a 3 speed internal hub and you have the same kind of brand as in the 3speed of the […]

The New 2018 Trek 1120 Bike!

Hey everyone this is Cindy with Razor-Sharp Productions and just going to show you quick video of our new bikes. This is the Trek 1120 and then back there is the Trek Power Fly 5, so stay tuned and I’m going to have Lance from Bearded Monkey (Cycling) do an intro and a quick info […]

Technical Single Speed Brompton Video Review

hey folks this is Peter from bikes and life. Now we’re here to take a closer look at some technical details of the Brompton single speed. This bike has a 50 tooth chaining in the front and a 12 tooth chaining in the back and that’s giving it a gear inches measurement about 74 gear […]

Peter’s Stromer ST2 Electric Bike Review

Hey! This is Peter from Bikes And Life.Now, you may know me from another YouTube channel of another bike shop but… I’ve taken the next step in my life and moved on to a new company that I am just 100% behind the mission of. Bikes And Life has a real mission and a goal […]

Three Speed Overview – Brompton Bike Gearing Video Review

hey folks, this is Peter from Bikes and life. now we’re here with the Brompton three speed to show you a little bit more about that three speed gearing. Now as you can see this 3 speed hub is very simple there’s really not a lot sticking out of it, there’s just one gear, the […]

Faraday Porteur S Electric Bike Review

Hye folks, this is Peter from Bikes and Life and I’m here at the Roosevelt Island tramway and we can see that we’re with a bit of a snowstorm but I’ve got the Faraday Porteur S here and this is one of the coolest new electric lights that we haven’t quite some light so you […]