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Traficul din Istanbul e oribil – Cu bicicleta in Turcia ep. 3

Good morning and welcome back to a new episode! In Istanbul, we’re peddling, in the third episode from the “Turkey by bicycle” series. In front is the hotel I’m staying at. For the moment I’m struggling with Google Maps to see where to go. I have about 27 km to go, I want to go […]

New Cycling Channel: GCN en Español! Subscribe Now

We’ve had some pretty big announcements Here on GCN recently But this one, I think is going to top them all. We are super excited Please welcome Óscar Pujol pro cyclist and now… Lead presenter On our all new Spanish language channel GCN en Español [Simon] What, what were you saying, Óscar? [Óscar] I said […]


Knowing how to calculate the correct adjustment to your bike seat can bring a lot of beneficiaries for your stamia. As a cyclist a good adjustment the height and position of the seat can reduce the uncomfortableness to peddle and can reduce the chances of getting injuries on the heel to appear. Getting the correct […]

Vintage Road Bike Restoration Vitus 979 Sean Kelly Special

Well, Welcome to another bike and another restoration although this is not much of a bike at the moment no group set However it is a beautiful frame the is a Vitus 979 Who are Vitus? Well let me tell you! Vitus is a Cycle Company based in France they started in the 1970’s as […]

Vintage Ammaco Race Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another Bike and another Restoration this is a 23.5″ Monte Carlo Ammaco Bike I was not to sure with the company itself Ammaco I did a bit of digging and found out that they imported BMX’s Some of you may rememberer the actually Mongoose but they used to import a lot […]

Vintage Claud Butler 531 Road Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another bike and another Restoration This is a Claud Butler it dates back some 135 years well the company does so a lot of history there it started off in 1928 when Claud Butler who was worried about using his own name within the brand opened a cycle shop with the […]

Vintage Kirk Precision Road Bike Restoration

Hello, Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration Very Special one this one. This is a Kirk Precision, built in the 1980’s Designed by Frank Kirk. Who was a Ford Car Designer Legend has it that he got the inspiration for the design for this frame, from a Ford Serria bumper. Believe it or not! […]