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New Cycling Channel: GCN en Español! Subscribe Now

We’ve had some pretty big announcements Here on GCN recently But this one, I think is going to top them all. We are super excited Please welcome Óscar Pujol pro cyclist and now… Lead presenter On our all new Spanish language channel GCN en Español [Simon] What, what were you saying, Óscar? [Óscar] I said […]

VTT HARDCORE ep2 : Violence avec Fatscal

VIOLENCE WITH FATSCAL directed by Alexis Righetti so Pascal.. today we’ll ride a peak never done by Fatscal so it exists mountains in Queyras he didn’t ride I don’t know this place it’s good you put your solar panels yes let’s go… pedaling! more than 2 tonnes are prohibited. Do you think it’s good with […]


Hi guys first part of the restoration of this racing bicycle is a Tuscan brand Viner that has like Campagnolo lever control components key crank triplex gearbox and vintage derailleur the frame is unfortunately very much ruined there are some rust parts of the modern stickers attached above a lot of rust on the components […]

ENERGIE BRUTE – le freeride comme carburant !

many ask me the question… what drives me to go in mountains like this? what drives me to get up on weekends rather than weekdays? …to suffer for hours? …to freeze myself? is it hot? we will swim! …to put my life on the line sometimes? what is it worth? RAW ENERGY directed by Alexis […]

Bike Travellers Interviews: Joaquin & Jacqueline (USE SUBTITLES FOR ENGLISH)

Name? Joaquin Jacqueline Nationality? Argentinians where did you start your journey? we start out travelling in Belen in northern Brazil what has your itinerary been so far? we travelled the northern part of Brazil: the three states in the north the amazon part of Brasil then getting to Venezuela we crossed all Venezuela and we […]

La Velocità Perfetta

Fear is my best friend I chose Downhill because it is pure adrenaline and speed But when you don’t feel the fear anymore, that is when the danger starts. The trail is unforgiving. When you fall down you get hurt. After two weeks I opened up my eyes and I was in a different world […]

MONTAIGU A VTT – Freeride, DH, MTB – Bigorre, Pyrénées

all right Alex? You put the destination? yes it’s ok we have two hours drive and 30 minutes of jam in Toulouse cool to live in a city… hey you know it’s Saint Michel today so I hope you’ll bring me into a beautiful place ah, it’s Saint Michel ? like the cookies? I’m hungry […]