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Faraday Cortland Electric Bike Video Review

Hey folks!! This is Peter from bikes and life. Now here in beautiful Monterey Bay California, at the sea otter Bike Festival with the Faraday Portland. The coolest thing about this bike of course is that step through frame, so instead of having to swing your bike way back over the seat like that, you […]

Newton’s Brompton Folding Bike Story, Brompton Video

What a beautiful day in the city commuting around on a Brompton! Regular route traveled for me is going from Queens to the city and I’ve been doing it for a while things to the Brompton. I rarely use the subway because it’s healthier and just for fun to be on the back of a […]

Tern Verge X10 Folding Bike Video Review

Hey folks, this is Peter from bikes and life. Now here at her Worcester location where we just got a delivery of these very cool tern folding bikes. The one that i am holding here is the verge x10 now this is a high performance lightweight folding bike that’s designed to be quick, simple and […]

Brompton Folding Bike Video Review

Hey folks this is Peter from Bikes & Life. Today I’m excited to show you a bike that I really fell in love with. Back in 2010, at that time I was working in a different shop and the owner was really excited and obsessed with these these Brompton folding bikes and when I first […]

Cannondale Synapse Review – Endurance Road Bike

hey folks this is Peter from bikes and life. Now we’re here to do a review on the Cannondale Synapse but it is just a lot snow here than we thought it would be when we got out here. Nevertheless we’re going to take this beautiful bike out for a spin and talk a little […]

How To Ride Steep Climbs Faster | GCN’s Cycling Tips

Steep climbs are brutal, let’s face it I mean anyone could ride up a long climb. You just have to go slowly enough, right? Well steeps climbs though Si that’s when you’re really going to start to suffer but surely there are some tricks of the trade to not only help us ride them but […]

Verge X10 – Fast and Lightweight Tern Folding Bike

Hey folks, this is Peter from Bikes and Life. Now we’re here to show you the “Tern Verge X10” Lightweight, compact, portable, folding bike so with any folding bike the first thing you have to do obviously is unfold it, if you’re going to ride. So with this Tern you lift the handle bar, swing […]

2016 S-Type Overview – Brompton Bike Video Review

hey folks this is Peter from bikes and life and now we’re going to show you the s-type handlebars. S type handle bars folds in exactly the same size as all the other bromptons but because its lower because it’s more close to the ground it sets your body moreover the front of the bicycle, […]

How To Wheelie A Road Bike – Can GMBN Wheelie On A Road Bike?!

– [Dan] Any of you who have watched our sister mountain bike channel, GMBN, may have seen the video where they taught me how to jump, rather successfully, I might add. ♪ [music] ♪ Well, today the ball is on the other foot. I’m going to attempt to teach Neil Donoghue, The Don, how to […]