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5 Bike Inventions That Will Make Bike Thieves Jobless

– Bikes are stolen like a lot. Two every minute, over a million every year, and that’s just what’s reported. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you Linka, the world’s first auto-unlocking smart bike lock. Linka can do a lot of cool things, but at its core, it’s a powerful lock that’s hard mounted […]

How To Use the Rausch Bike Pump On Presta And Schrader Valves

The proper use of your Rausch Premium Mini Bike Pump How to use your Rausch bicycle pump on Presta valves At first remove the dust cap and open the Presta valve of your bicycle tire In the next step unscrew the bike pump head and get ready to use it on your Presta valve Now […]

Trying to Hack iPhone Face ID

This isn’t so much about trying to actually hack the iPhone as much as just testing the limits of face ID, how far can you stretch it before it fails? It’s not working What’s really neat about the new iPhones is that they have this feature called Face ID which allows you to unlock your […]

Best Folding Bikes : Top 5 Folding Bikes 2019 Reviews ( Buying Guide )

hello welcome to Ford Flex channel we specifically work on different product reviews just for you we completed exceptionally serious research on different products available in the coming from different brands in this video we’ll show the five best product reviews so be with us support us and pick your perfect product from one of […]

Top 4 Best Cheap Folding Bike | Cheap & Best Foldable Bicycle

easylifedeal.com presents top 4 best cheap folding bike our topic Vilano a Rabanne a single speed folding bike verbina puts Vilano into this review with a high quality and an expensive folding bike this single speed model makes it perfect for city streets and is available in a white gray and matte black finish the […]

10 Essential Phone Apps For Mountain Biking

– Neil, now I don’t know about you, but I rarely go anywhere without my mobile phone. – Exactly – Especially on a bike ride. Because I want to record my ride, I want to check my stats. And, obviously, I want to get some good instabaggers. Yeah, super useful. And especially with these mountain […]

Top 5 Motocross Helmets Under $300

– What’s up guys, I’m Chase, here at Rocky Mountain ATV, MC. Coming at you with our Top 5 helmets under $300. So in this video today, we’re going to focus on our Top 5 helmets. What we feel are the best helmets coming in under $300. Obviously your helmet’s your most important piece of […]