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El Mejor Patinete Electrico! +80 km/h (2 Motores) Dualtron o Xiaomi Scooter?

this is an ordinary scooter and this, is an awesome scooter after watching this video, you’re going to forget the typical idea that scooters are kids’ stuff or foolish, because it reaches 80 km/h “wow this is fast man” being faster than the typical 50cc motorbike those motorcycles that go “meeeh” And regarding acceleration it […]


Tailwhip on a 27.5″ Freeride Bike Duuuuuuude almost died on the first lap! Yo guys whats up? Iam back at the Bikewelt Schöneck today I rode down the whole course already (almost). It’s definitely pretty muddy out here because it rained the whole day yesterday. Couldn’t sleep anymore and wanted to ride my bike! Just […]

MI NUEVO PATINETE ELECTRICO ! | Xiaomi Mijia Scooter Review

This has completely replaced my bike to move me around the city Yes, a scooter But it’s totally different from the ones you’ve tried so far This have better brakes than some cars I’ve had An electric motor that allows to go quite fast by city It is very comfortable to carry And it’s great […]

The Marcy ME-708 Upright Bike

The Marcy ME-708 magnetic resistance exercise bike. Looking to shed those extra pounds and inches, but cant fit a large exercise piece in your home? The ME-708 is your answer. The ME-708 has many of the same features found on larger more expensive exercise bikes, but in a smaller package. The ME-708 features smooth, quiet […]

Exploring New Trails | An E-Bike Adventure With Steve Geall

– I’m heading on a holiday in a week or so with friends and family, course I’m talking the E-Bike with me to escape. Only thing is, in an area that’s new to me, riding spots don’t come that easy, especially the things I like to ride are that little bit different. Sure I could […]

What Size E-MTB Should You Buy? | Ask EMBN Anything About E-Bikes

– [Chris] Welcome to this weeks Ask EMBN show where we are going to be talking about hardtails, extenders and dongles. – And that critical question about size. What size e-bike should you buy? All coming up on today’s Ask EMBN. (logo whooshes) – We got this one in from Christian Fit. Hi, I’m thinking […]


Officially: Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G smartphone will be released in 2020 Redmi brand CEO Lu Weibing put an end to speculation about the timing of the release of the fifth-generation (5G) K30 family of smartphones. As we reported earlier, the Redmi K30 and Redmi K30 Pro devices are being prepared for release. According to some […]