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Best Electric Bikes – Most Comfortable Best Electric Bikes

Day 6 Bicycles makes the Best Electric Bikes you have ever seen. Each Day 6 electric bike comes with a combination of features not found on any other bicycle. These include a contoured seat and backrest for unrivaled comfort, extended handlebars that promote upright, relaxed sitting while eliminating leaning forward, a lower seat that allows […]

Best Folding Bikes 2019 || Folding Bike Reviews || Folding Bicycle

Hey everyone. How’s it going? You know what, I’m having really good products for you and now in this video we are telling about the top ten best folding bikes. On my view or judgment I formed about something new and I have listed them based on facts and features. Guys! If you want to […]

15 Most Radical Electric Bikes 2019 – 2020 | High-performance eBikes

Electric vehicles are making inroads on the roadways of the world as more and more drivers want their commutes to be earth-friendly. Hello, I’m Glen with Minds Eye Design. Just about every vehicle manufacturer is now producing an electric vehicle, but that does not mean only cars and trucks. Bicycle builders are also showcasing electric […]

Top 10 Folding Electric Bikes | What folding eBikes are best?

Hey, what’s up? This is Mikey at Blue Monkey and in this video we’re going to talk about the Top 10 electric folding bikes. Let’s not waste any time and “unfold” the list! *fanfare* Sliding into home base for this one is the Luna Cycles Luna Folding Bike. This is a pretty peculiar bike that […]

Electric Bike for Two!

(energetic music) – This is the latest Rad Power Bike. And I’m making the boys carry it in the house (laughs). They sent it to us and said they would sponsor a video if we would unbox it and review it, and ride it, and compare it to all of our other Rad Power Bikes. […]

15 Impressive E-Bikes and New Electric Motorbikes 2019

– [Glen] Remember when you had to peddle your bike uphill? Both on the way to your destination and then on your way home too? Well life has gotten a lot easier since those days. Now there are many options for electric bikes and motor bikes that get you there with hardly any peddling at […]

Best Electric Bikes Under $2500 (2018 Edition)

Hey everybody, it’s Jodie at Oregon ebikes and today on this beautiful day we’re here to talk about bikes that you’ll love to ride every day and that won’t break the bank. The first one we’ve got coming in is perfect for me. It really needs no introduction. This is the Blix Aveny. It was […]