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Electric Bike for Two!

(energetic music) – This is the latest Rad Power Bike. And I’m making the boys carry it in the house (laughs). They sent it to us and said they would sponsor a video if we would unbox it and review it, and ride it, and compare it to all of our other Rad Power Bikes. […]

Giant Propel Advanced SL 1 Bike Review Video

hey folks this is peter from bikes and life that are here today to review a bike in my very own this is actually a 2013 giant propel advanced SL 1. Now the reason i’m reviewing a 2013 bike is because this really represents a moment of innovation in cycling the culmination of a two-year […]

The Future of Road Cycling – Bike of the Year 2016

welcome to cycling plus fighter of the year 2016 now this year we’ve been very busy well-worn Rossiter senior tech editor he and his team Matthew Allen and Robin will certainly can’t join us today have been incredibly busy they tested 55 voice by writing that many bugs that gives them a really good idea […]