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How To Setup Your Road Bike For Bad Roads Or Cobbles!

– So the Northern Classics are here upon us, and it’s probably my favorite time of the season. Actually, it is my favorite time of the season. But what makes these races so special are those cobbled sectors. And this is probably the only race in the calendar where pros make a huge difference in […]

Cyclocross Legends: Bart Wellens & The 777.be Pro Team

– Okay, so we’re here at the Koppenberg Cyclocross, one of the most iconic cross races in the world. Today’s the first race of the DVV Trophy. I’m here with a friend, Bart. – Hi. – Well, the two-time Belgian champion, two-time world champion. Bart, thanks for coming out. – You’re welcome. (metallic whooshing) (dreamy […]

Custom Cyclo-Cross Bikes & Tech At Superprestige Ruddervoorde

– I’m here in Ruddervoorde in Belgium, which is a pretty small town, to be perfectly honest, but today, and for one day only, it’s turned into the hotbed of Cyclo-Cross. And today I’m going to take look around and check out all the various bits of equipment that riders are using here. I’m very […]

Simon Zahner | The GCN Cyclocross Podcast Ep.7

(upbeat electronic music) – [Jeremy] What’s going on, everybody? It’s Jeremy Powers and you are listening to the seventh episode of the GCN Cyclocross Podcast. We have a fantastic show planned for you guys this week. First up, Marty and I talk all about Ellen Noble’s return to the podium at the Ruts ‘n’ Guts […]

Quinten Hermans | The GCN Cyclocross Podcast Ep.5

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody it’s Jeremy Powers, and welcome back to the fifth episode of the “GCN Cyclocross Podcast.” This week we have a jam packed show for you all. We talk about the World Cup round that went down in the Czech Republic as well as the DVV Trofee that happened in Belgium. […]

The Riders & Bikes Of The Transcontinental Race

– It’s the morning of the transcontinental race and here we are at sign on. We’re gonna have a little chat with the riders about their builds and exactly why they are the way they are. (gentle music) So if you could start with your name, your cap number and where you’re from? – Yeah, […]

Lars Van der Haar | The GCN Cyclo-cross Podcast Ep.1

(upbeat electronic music) – Hello, everyone. Welcome to the GCN Cyclocross Podcast. I’m Jeremy Powers, one of the presenters here at GCN, and you can say I’ve got a thing for cyclocross. So I’d like to think of this more as an adventure and less of a podcast, just ’cause podcast sounds so, well, doesn’t […]

Maghalie Rochette | The GCN Cyclocross Podcast Ep.3

(upbeat music) – [Jeremy] Hello everyone, welcome back. I’m Jeremy Powers and you’re listening to the third episode of the GCN Cyclocross Podcast. Today’s a very special episode because I’m actually here in the United Kingdom at the GCN Studios and I’m sitting across from my pal, Marty MacDonald, who’s our first guest on the […]

Toon Aerts | The GCN Cyclocross Podcast Ep.6

(upbeat electric music) – Welcome back everybody to the sixth episode of the GCN Cyclocross Podcast. I’m Jeremy Powers and, as always, it is a pleasure to welcome you all to the show. We’ve got a big one for you this week. I got to catch up with my friend Marty MacDonald about all the […]

Katerina Nash | The GCN Cyclocross Podcast Ep.2

– Welcome back everyone. I’m Jeremy Powers, and you’re listening to the second episode of the GCN cyclo-cross Podcast. Before we get into this week’s episode, I got to say thank you so much for all the love you showed from the first episode. You guys gave us a ton of great feedback and sent […]