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Looking Back At My My First Year of Mountain Biking

This is me eight months ago trying to ride a mountain bike. LOL! That’s so pathetic! Since then I’ve done a ton of riding and hopefully gotten a little better and I thought it would be fun to look back at all the different places I managed to ride this year. That’s cool! I like […]

REI Trailheads: Is it your first time mountain biking?

Too much? I’m gonna go change. Yeah good good call. This is Kelsi and Colin and we’re going mountain biking. Turbospoke? Cool. Hi you guys. I’m Kat Sweet with Sweet Lines and I will be your mountain bike coach here with REI. Nice. Well this is our first time mountain biking. Very first… Have bikes […]

Mountain Biking Explained – EP1

Any outdoor activity can be really fulfilling, but my activity of choice is mountain biking. A mountain bike can quickly cover any terrain, and take you amazing places inaccessible by many other vehicles. Plus, mountain biking is a great way to get in shape, push yourself, and even make lifelong friends. The vast majority of […]