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Your First MTB Trail Ride – Mountain Biking Explained EP3

Lisa has been getting bolder. Having ridden trails a few times since our last video, she’s also gotten stronger, more confident, and definitely more adept at handling her bike. She’s riding in narrow spaces, making sharp turns, and weaving her way around trails that she’s never ridden before. The first time we rode, she wouldn’t […]

What’s a good beginner bike? – Budget mountain bike

What’s a good beginner mountain bike? This is a question I get every day, so today I’m going to give you the tools you need to find one, new or used, regardless of brand. But first we need to define what a beginner bike is. If you’re a beginner and you have unlimited money then […]

How to Buy a Mountain Bike

– [Narrator] Look at you. You’re a mediocre sack of garbage that’s stuck in a dead-end job with nothing in life to make you happy. Even the bird thinks you’re a loser. (bird squeaking) It’s time for a change. Go outside. See those kids? They’re having the time of their lives riding their bikes. They […]