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Beautiful XC on Poop Alley || Squamish, BC | Mountain Biking

Hi everyone and welcome back to Squamish, BC. A few weeks ago I rode Hood in the Woods and at the end turned right onto an access road. Had I continued on I would have connected up with today’s trail named Poop Alley. Thankfully there was no poop on the trail when I rode it. […]

Cycling Tour from Narkanda to Jeori : Episode 2

Hello guys, welcome back to honeybee adventures today’s the day 2 . I am at Narkanda,look at the view ! Isn’t it beautiful My name is Akshay it’s Day 2 cycling from Narkanda. We are going to Rampur Bushahr . Lovely View Here ! It’s mostly all downhill, my bike is parked there. Okay, let […]

Mountain Bike | Motivation 2016

True desire in the heart for anything Good! Is Gods proof to you sent beforehand to indicate that it’s yours already! that itch that you have to be whatever it is you want to be That itch that desire for good is Gods proof to you, sent already to indicate that it’s yours, You already […]

GoPro Awards: Rex the BMX Kid

We are here jumping the dirt jumps. There, that’s my best friend Jack. Show your face. Hi. There’s Jack, here’s me. I know it’s funny. And we are about to do…to do a cool run. Here we go, just a little conversation. Ooh, this is gonna be smooth! Weehaah! Aw, shoot, I messed up. Doesn’t […]


*french cursing* I rode on an electric bike It’s drifty here He pulled off the derailleur Too much power Singing: It’s the banana The only fruit of the dead *french cursing* I forgot at the start I’m a tourist Left to right, left full gas On loose floor He pulled off the corner, the bull […]