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Kids riding mountain bikes in the house during quarantine

Alright show me what you got, Esther. Wide entry Good speed Lift, aw very good you did it. Stop stop stop! Stop [Laughing] Jen here from MTB Direct. It’s day three of self-isolation we’ve just come back from overseas and so we’re self-isolating for two weeks. I have two small children and a mountain bike […]

REI Trailheads: Is it your first time mountain biking?

Too much? I’m gonna go change. Yeah good good call. This is Kelsi and Colin and we’re going mountain biking. Turbospoke? Cool. Hi you guys. I’m Kat Sweet with Sweet Lines and I will be your mountain bike coach here with REI. Nice. Well this is our first time mountain biking. Very first… Have bikes […]

5 Basic Skills Every Mountain Biker Should Know

This is our top five basic skills that every mountain biker should know number one a good stance on the bike Stand nice and tall it should feel like most your weight is your feet and not through your arms onto the bars Make sure your feet are in the right position on the pedals […]