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How To Ride An E-Bike With Clipless Pedals | Steve Tries Clips

– Well, it’s a discussion, argument even, which has rumbled on for decades, should you use clipped in pedals or flat shoes when you’re riding a mountain bike. Now, the story with e-mountain bikes might actually be quite different because recently I went out with Doddy on an e-mountain bike ride and Doddy you wanted […]

Epic Ride Around Whistler’s Lost Lake | Martyn Ashton’s Random Tandem

(cash register beeping) (muffled background talking) – [Martyn] Oh, not that big. – [Blake] Whistler water. (muffled speaking) – [Blake] Super sub – Do you think someone would like– – [Blake] That’s real nice. – Trail mix? – [Blake] Trail mix. Come on. Oh yeah, all right, come on. – Done. – So we’ve got […]

EBike Battery Pack || DIY or Buy || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 2)

in the last episode of this video series I showed you how to create your own sensored ESC in order to power an electric bike wheel with low voltages but since the achieved rotation speed was too slow and not many people want to create their own ESC for an E-bike conversion let’s rather switch […]

Martyn Ashton’s Trials Academy Ep. 4

Hello, and welcome to the Ashton Trials Academy, episode and lesson number four. In this episode, I’m going to have Neil and Blake concentrate on balance. Now these guys are gettin’ really good at trials, but remember, they’re ex-professional racers and freeriders. They’ve got some serious skills. But don’t let that put you off trying […]

How To Manage Power On The Trail | Neil’s E Bike Tips

– Whilst an e-bike is still very much a mountain bike in the way that it rides, there are some techniques that can be focused on when you’re riding with that bit of extra power. (upbeat music) Smooth power through the pedals is really gonna help, just like a normal bike, especially in situations like […]


hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video i am back in my local indoor park and we spent the last hour building up a huge obstacle Parcours with me today are Adam and Felix one of the most requested videos lets do a course walk. starting from up here we have to […]

Basics With Blake | Core Mountain Bike Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people, today I’m going to bring it down a level all the way down to the basic skills that you need to know on how to ride a mountain bike or any bicycle out there. Now you can learn these tricks anywhere on the flat ground. Now I’m going to […]

The Future Of E-Mountain Biking With Marco Sonderegger

– Now it’s not that long ago that we sold the first e-mountain bikes, the like of the Cube Stereo, the HaiBike, or the Specialized Levo. But a question I get constantly asked is: “Should I buy an e-mountain bike, or actually wait “for the technology to improve?” Well, today I’m joined by Marco Sonderegger […]

Blake Builds A Manual Trainer

– Welcome back you beautiful people. And today, well, I’m all on my own because I thought this is worthwhile filming. Because I wanna build one of these manual trainers. These manual machines. They’re all over the YouTube. People are building these things to perfect their manualing skills at a static position so you don’t […]

Top 6 North Shore Features | Essential Mountain Bike Skills

Within mountain biking north shores first as man made trail obstacles and features that have become famous the world over. Originally they came from the North Shore of Vancouver and were used for getting over rocky or boggy pieces of trail that weren’t rideable. But now they’ve become trail features in their own right. Quite […]